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Vollverzinkte Metallbox

Road plate boxes made of galvanized steel

For a secure transport and a simple storage of our plastic plates. The removable safety bar allows to unload the plates sideways. Including an extra panel for LuxTek connector. The road plate boxes are available in different sizes.

Road plate brackets made of galvanized steel

For a quick and easy installation. To connect the road plates, hook the brackets on the handles of them. Convenient to construct roads and lanes.

FPKLVZ Verbindungsklammer verzinkt
LuxTek Verbinder

Ground hooks made of steel

To secure the road plates with each other and the underground. The ground hooks are easy to countersink through the holes in edges into soft underground. Convenient to construct roads and to lay all over.

Double and fourfold connector made of plastic

For the perfect cohesion and a nearly seamless laying of the road plates on sensitive undergrounds. Shift the connector under the holes in the corner of the plates in order to secure it with the enclosed allen screw. Convenient to construct roads and lay all over.

Verbinder mit Schraubverschluss

Cable ties made of plastic

To quickly connect the road plates during low workload. Through the holes in the corners or handles, the cable ties can be easily attached to the plates. Convenient to construct roads and lay all over.


The perfect underlayment for under our plastic plates. The geotextiles with a certain GRK-class (h/m²) is especially suitable to protect the underground from scratches and other damages. Available in different sizes and thicknesses.

Vlies von LuxTek

Working gloves

For optimal laying of the plastic plates. The slip-proof surface on the coated palm side provides a safe grip. A very good sense of touch and breathable micro fabric which avoids sweaty hands make the gloves comfortable to wear.