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When you use our website, services, applications, tools or news features, we or our authorized service providers use cookies, web beacons and other similar data storage technologies to provide you with a better, faster and safer user experience, content and advertisements adapt.

On this page you will learn more about these technologies and their use on our website as well as in our services, applications and tools. The following overview contains some important information about how we use these technologies.

Our cookies and similar technologies have different functions. You may be required to operate our services, improve our performance, provide additional functionality or help us display relevant and personalized advertisements for you. We use cookies and similar technologies that remain stored on your device only as long as your browser is active (session cookies), as well as cookies and similar technologies that are stored on your device for longer (permanent cookies). You can freely lock, erase or disable these technologies if your device supports them. You can manage your cookies and cookie settings in your browser or device settings.

We will take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our cookies and similar technologies. A unique ID ensures that only we and / or our authorized service providers have access to cookie data.

Service Providers are companies that help us with various aspects of our business, such as operating the website or providing services, applications, advertisements, and tools. We partner with several authorized service providers to help us display relevant ads in our services and other places on the Internet. These service providers can also use our services to store cookies on your device (third-party cookies). You can also collect data to identify your device, such as the IP address or other unique device IDs.

What are cookies, web beacons and similar technologies?

Like most websites, we use technologies that are essentially small data files that are stored on your computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device (your “device”), enabling us to visit our website or anyone use our services, applications, news features and tools to capture certain data.

The specific names and types of cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies we use may change. To help you better understand this explanation and our use of these technologies, we have compiled the following short list of important terms and their definitions for you:

Cookies: Small text files (usually consisting of letters and numbers) that are stored in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a website or display a message. Cookies allow a website to recognize a specific device or browser. There are different types of cookies:

Session cookies (also called session-based cookies) expire at the end of your browser session and allow us to track your actions during that one browser session.

Persistent cookies are stored between browser sessions on your device, allowing us to track your settings or actions across multiple websites.

First-party cookies are deposited by the website you visit.

Third-party cookies are deposited by a site other than the one you visit.

Cookies can be disabled or removed using tools that are available in most commercial browsers. The settings must be set separately for each browser you use. For this purpose, the different browsers offer different functions and options.

Web Beacons: Small graphics files (also known as “Pixel Tags” or “Clear GIFs”) that may be included in our websites, services, applications, news features, and tools, and are typically used in conjunction with cookies to provide users or identify user behavior.

Similar technologies: Technologies that store data in your browser or on your device using common local objects or local storage features such as Flash cookies, HTML 5 cookies, and other web application software methods. These technologies can work across all your browsers, and in some cases are not completely managed by your browser, but may need to be managed directly from your installed applications or device. We do not use these technologies to store data for the personalization of advertisements on our or other websites.

By the terms “cookies” and “similar technologies” we mean in our policies all technologies that we use to store data in your browser or on your device, collect information or identify you in the manner described above.

Your choices and our use of cookies, web beacons and similar technologies

We offer certain website features, services, applications and tools that are available only through the use of these technologies. You can freely block, delete or disable these technologies at any time if your browser, installed application or device supports it. However, if you decline cookies or other similar technologies, you may not be able to use certain website features, services, applications or tools. You may also need to re-enter your password more frequently during your browser session. For information about locking, deleting, or disabling these technologies, see your browser or device settings.

In general, these technologies enable our website, services, applications and tools to store and later retrieve relevant data in your browser or on your device to identify them to our servers or internal systems. We protect our cookies and other similar technologies to ensure, wherever possible, that only we and / or our authorized service providers can evaluate them by assigning them a unique ID that is designed to be processed only by us. We do not store any personal information in our own cookies or other similar technologies.

The collection and use of personal data using these technologies will only be done with your knowledge and prior information, by informing you in this statement of the use of the technologies and giving you the opportunity to opt-out of these technologies as described above.

Our use of these technologies can be divided into the following general categories:

Operating Essentials: We may use cookies, web beacons, or other similar technology necessary to operate our websites, services, applications, and tools. This includes technologies that allow you access to our website, services, applications and tools necessary to verify the functionality of the site, prevent fraud and improve security, or enable you to perform saved searches and similar functions to use.

Performance-related: We may use cookies, web beacons or other similar technologies designed to assess the performance of our websites, applications, services and tools. Among other things, this is to analyze how our visitors use our websites, view ads, or how we can improve our website content, applications, services, or tools.

Functional: We may use cookies, web beacons, or other similar technologies that enable us to offer you enhanced features when using our website, services, applications, or tools. For example, you may identify these cookies or similar technologies when you log in to our site, or track your preferences, interests, or views, so we can improve the appearance of content on our sites.

Advertising or Personalization-related: We may use first-party or third-party cookies and web beacons to deliver content tailored to your interests, including advertisements, on our or third-party websites. This includes use of technology to determine how useful the advertisements and content provided to you are and, for example, whether you have clicked on an advertisement.If you are using our first-party advertising-related cookies or using third-party advertising-related services Preventing cookies and web beacons as described below does not necessarily mean that our ads are not being provided to you – it simply means that these ads are not for you using first-party or third-party cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies to be personalized.

If you wish to prevent the use of any other types of technology that we use on our websites and in our services, applications or tools, you can use the features supported by your browser or device to disable, delete or disable these other technologies.

Use of these technologies by authorized external service providers

We work with external companies, known as service providers, who are authorized, with our permission, to place third-party cookies, web beacons or similar technologies for storing data on our website or in our services, applications and tools. These service providers help us deliver a better, faster, and safer user experience.

These service providers use these technologies to help us deliver our own content and advertisements, and to create anonymous website metrics and analytics. We do not allow any of these service providers to collect any personally identifiable information on our website or in our services, applications and tools for their own purposes. The use or collection of personal information by these service providers is subject to privacy or non-disclosure agreements with and other legal restrictions. Third party cookies are governed by the privacy policies of each third party.

Except for the use of these technologies by our service providers or other third-party authorized providers, we do not allow third-party content on our site that contains or uses cookies, web beacons, local storage facilities or similar technologies to track or collect your personal information.