Heavy-duty wedges & plastic drive-on wedges have many advantages

The drive-on wedges are a good thing for height compensation, but they can also perform some other tasks. Their enormous load capacity predestines them for use as heavy-duty wedges. The plastic used for this is very weather-resistant, which makes the compensating wedges extremely durable. It has the same material composition that we use for the production of the heavy-duty plates. This makes it possible to use the heavy-duty wedges in combination with the heavy-duty plates.

For which applications are the heavy-duty wedges made of plastic suitable?

The plastic wedges can be used outdoors as well as step wedges in vehicle halls with level differences in the storage areas. This is ensured by the enormous temperature resistance. Rust cannot clog the wedges, which can also be used as wheel chocks. In addition, the plastic wedges are UV-resistant. All this together makes the drive-on wedges very durable. They are therefore a good choice, for example, for bridging steps and kerbstones on industrial sites and are ideally suited for the passage of trucks or industrial trucks. The heavy-duty wedges can also be driven over by forklifts and the heavy-duty rollers of ants or transport collies, which guarantees barrier-free transport of goods. The following applications are also possible:

  • securing wedges for bulky and heavy loads
  • overcoming steps in workshops with forklifts
  • creation of barrier-free temporary paths
  • training of ramps to floor slabs of buildings
  • ramps for pallet trucks and transport trolleys
  • transition from tail lifts to loading ramps
  • overcoming small obstacles during heavy load transports

What is the weight and load capacity of the plastic wedges?

The plastic drive-on wedges are lightweight. This is good for handling comfort. Even a wedge with a length of one metre that bridges a height difference of three centimetres as a 25-centimetre deep coupling weighs less than four kilograms. The load-bearing capacity of the wedges for comfortable and safe access to steps is a maximum of 50 tons when used on paved grounds.

In what dimensions are the plastic drive-on wedges available?

LuxTek offers different sizes for width, depth and height. You are not satisfied with the standard width of one meter? We have good news for you. You can order the drive-on wedges with larger widths from us as custom-made products. Alternatively, you can also order smaller wedges with a width from 20 centimetres. This would be interesting if you want to equip your entire fleet of vehicles with plastic wedges that can be used as drive-on ramps and brake wedges (brake stoppers).

Can you order the heavy-duty wedges individually?

LuxTek offers different variants of the individualization of the plastic wedges. This starts with the variations in size. For optimum handling on the vehicle, the wedges come with milled handles. Additional functions include, for example, grooves for improved grip when driving over barrier-free vehicles and the integration of reflectors. We can personalize your wedges so that you can easily recognise your compensating wedges, manoeuvring aids and safety wedges. If you wish, simple logos or nameplates can be milled into your future drive-on wedges just like into our plates.

What is worth knowing about the transport, storage and assembly of wedges?

A big advantage is the fact that you can store the plastic drive-on wedges indoors and outdoors. They can be stored both horizontally and vertically. For transport to the place of use, the compensating wedges may be placed (well secured) on the open loading area of a pick-up or truck. Alternatively, you can stack them in wooden boxes or standard mesh boxes. The heavy-duty wedges do not require any assembly work. The only effort before use is to place the wedges in front of the step and in front of and behind the drive wheels of the vehicles to be secured.

Why do the plastic drive-on wedges pay for themselves very quickly?

A good truck tyre can cost several hundred euros. Running over steps, edges and kerbstones results in punctual loads. You can also destroy a good quality truck tyre in such a way that it cannot be repaired. Even the rims are at risk in the event of a broken tyre due to the hard impact on the edges. A fully loaded truck may even break an axle. Due to the necessary wheel change or even a broken axle, downtimes can occur, which means that you will not be able to meet your agreed delivery dates. Such delays often result in high contractual penalties. If you want to avoid these costs, you should equip your entire fleet with the mobile drive-on wedges.

Summary: Our wheel chocks are a small investment that saves you high repair and maintenance costs. They can also be used very universally both indoors and outdoors as well as for load securing. You can also order the plastic drive-on wedges in individual sizes. They reduce the risk of transport damage, because there are no jerky movements when driving over steps with transport collies or forklift trucks.