Dynamic Module

The LuxTek Dynamic Module support system offers an innovative solution for every inclined position: because of the individual modules ascending and descending slopes do no longer pose a challenge.

Advantages and benefits of LuxTek Dynamic Module support system

• easy installation due to low weight of the individual components
• optimal stability due to precisely fitting module milling
• highly loadable and extremely stable
• supports in any situation
• long durability – shatterproof and wear-resistant
• less stressed machines

Characteristics of LuxTek Dynamic Module support system

• plastic PE-HD
• produced in press procedure, made in Germany
• high quality according to DIN and ISO
• plasticizer-free
• high temperature resistance ( -80 °C bis +80 °C)
• no weathering, heat and frost-resistant, UV-resistant
• continuous material control – pressure tests by TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH
• individualization possible, e.g. name or logo milling, extra handles

Dynamic Module support system

Innovative Lösung für alle Schräglagen: Das LuxTek Dynamic Modul Abstützsystem

The module pads of the dynamic module support system are available in different heights, sizes and thicknesses; the wedge can be outfitted in different angles of declination. Due to the individualization, the support system can be adjusted to the user’s specific needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will work with you to create the right product for your application.

Dynamic Module support systems are suitable for support of:

• construction machinery
• working platforms
• towing vehicles

• loading cranes and lifting platforms
• mobile homes
• scaffolding

• heavy load cranes
• fire brigade / technical service vehicles
• trailers and commercial vehicles

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