LuxTek sponsoring activities


Sustainability, sports, health & social issues – these are the cornerstones of our sponsoring activities.

As we have very strong roots in our region, we support schools, clubs, organizations and events through sponsorship in the form of financial but also in-kind donations.


Heidebeat Festival Schmelz

20.08.2022: The Heidebeat Festival in Schmelz is a modern organized day festival in the field of house music under the motto “Dancing for a good cause”. In the implementation of the event, environmental protection is the first priority. The profit will be donated to a charity organization for children in the Saarland. In addition, for every ticket sold, a tree will be planted in the community. We support the festival with a monetary donation and will place an advertising banner on the festival grounds.

Sports & Leisure

Golf Tournament Rotary Club

On 25.06.2022 the golf tournament of the Rotary Club in Nunkirchen took place. We equipped the event with 3 of our Classic seating groups and created a Putting Challenge plate. We also supported the event with a financial donation.

We are not professional golfers, but it was a great event!


Turn to our seating group Classic


Plastic Free Planet

01.04.2022: Plastic Free Planet is a non-profit organization that collects plastic waste from the ocean with their hands. Since April we have been cooperating with Plastic Free Planet, as sustainability is part of LuxTek’s identity and philosophy. Every month, 200 kg of plastic waste is removed from the ocean with our donation. Since we can’t use 100% recycled material, we create our compensation in cooperation with Plastic Free Planet.

Sports & Leisure

FC Primstal & FC Wadrill

15.03.2022: We support local sports clubs by providing/financing sportswear (jerseys) free of charge, placing advertisements in club magazines and putting up billboards in gymnasiums and sports fields.

This year we supported FC Wadrill and FC Primstal with a financial donation. At both sports fields an advertising banner was attached by us and an entry in the club booklet.


Tree donation for our clients

24.12.2021: Since we at LuxTek attach great importance to sustainability and our environment, we have contributed something to climate protection. At Christmas, we decided not to give chocolate presents and instead donated trees. This way we were able to contribute to the planting of several trees in Germany.

School education

Police, your partner – Police union

08.12.2021: As a socially committed company, we support an interesting project of the Saarland police union every year.

The painting book helps to teach correct behavior in road traffic in a playful way already in kindergarten and school.

Social & Health

Seating group Panorama – Noswendeler lake

08.10.2021: We are also active in the form of product donations. Thus, we donated our first 4-person bench-table combination with our recycling logo to the municipality of Noswendel.

Seating group Panorama

Social & Health

Relief action for 7-year-old Raoul Bies

27.04.2021: Together with the Lions Club Merzig/Saar, our managing director, Mr. Tobias Gimmler, and the Rotary Club Lebach-Wadern participated in a relief action for 7-year-old Raoul Bies from Brotdorf. Due to a severe illness, Raoul is unfortunately dependent on a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
We are very pleased that we could support the purchase of such a vehicle with a small donation and wish Raoul and his family much strength and all the best for the future.