Our plastic construction mats


With LuxTek’s versatile construction mats, you can quickly and easily create mobile construction roads or a closed, level surface. This makes the plastic plates suitable not only for use on difficult construction sites, but also for larger events or for creating a stable and weather-resistant parking area. On the one hand the protection of the ground, on the other hand the safety of man and machine is in the foreground.



Possible applications of our construction mats

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to the possible applications of our LuxTek drive-over plates. They are suitable for any area where the protection of the ground or the safety of your employees or customers is a particularly high priority. The low weight and the associated quick and easy assembly allow flexible assembly and disassembly of the plates.

As a rule, driving plates and heavy-duty plates are mainly used in construction.

Other target groups are:

  • Communities and municipalities, cities
  • Event organizers
  • Retailers
  • Garden and landscaping contractors

By the way: If you opt for one of our numerous sets, you will benefit from attractive discounts compared to buying the corresponding parts individually. The required connectors or storage boxes are included in the set.


Materials and their advantages

In LuxTek’s assortment you can find various types of plastic construction mats. Compared to classic driving and heavy duty plates made of metal or wood, they mainly offer the advantage of weather resistance. You can use your purchased driving plate for a longer period of time unprotected outdoors. The PE-HD plastic used is temperature-resistant between minus 80 and plus 80 degrees Celsius.

We offer driving plates with smooth and rough (grip) surfaces:


Performance road plate

The Performance model is our all-rounder among the road plates. It offers a smooth surface and, thanks to its low weight, can not only be transported quickly from A to B and between different locations, but can also be laid easily. When laid on a paved surface, it has a load-bearing capacity of up to 120 tons – enough for almost any construction vehicle.

Road plate Performance
Road plate Performance

Road plates with grip

Our plastic driving mats with grip differ primarily from the classic, smooth base plate by their rough surface. The milling provides additional grip, which is particularly useful when man and machine are working in difficult weather conditions. Assembly and disassembly of the road plates are also quick and easy due to their low weight. The storage boxes, which we can supply directly to you on request, enable fast and safe transport.

Road plate Grip
Road plate grip

Road plate Professional

Our road plate top seller is now even better, because we have perfected the product: Durable thanks to PE-HMW 500 and particularly good traction due to the special LuxTek structure, the driving plate Professional can be used as a drive-over plate for construction roads or in other areas of application. Depending on the subsoil, the maximum support load of the plate is up to 150t.

Road plate Professional
Construction mat professional

Heavy duty plate Maximum

The strongest among our plastic mats: the LuxTek heavy-duty plate Maximum. With a maximum support load of 200t (depending on the subsoil) and a thickness of 40mm, it can be used both as a drive-over plate and as a mobile construction road for particularly heavy construction machines and vehicles. This makes it indispensable for heavy-duty applications, such as the construction of wind power plants.

Heavy-duty plate Maximum
Construcion mat heavy-duty

Protection for the substrate

As a contractor, you are liable for damage caused to the client’s land by the work you perform. The use of heavy construction machinery such as excavators and trucks means that such damage can occur quickly – and the subsequent recourse claims will reduce your profits considerably. This also applies to lawns and already paved subsoils, which, however, cannot withstand the load caused by the high additional weight.

Away from construction sites, LuxTek construction mats are also suitable for use in the following areas:

  • Event and function industry, for example as an exhibition or parking area
  • Creating accessibility in unpaved areas
  • Creation of additional parking areas at or on the premises, for example as a temporary solution for surfaces to be paved later

The simple installation is the greatest strength of our moving plates. The much lower weight compared to classic steel plates gives you maximum flexibility. The plastic mats from LuxTek can be combined “bomb-proof” with each other in a few simple steps using the screw and plug connectors supplied in the set or available separately in the store. In this way, you create a coherent surface that ensures maximum safety for all involved.


Customization and accessories

With us, you get all products and the associated parts from a single source – of course, this also applies to the accessories. In the store you will find, among other things, sturdy storage  boxes made of galvanized steel. In these, the plates are simply lined up on top of each other, while you can stack the boxes themselves on top of each other. This way you save additional transport costs.

Plug-in connectors make it easy to connect several construction mats. Using the corresponding ground hooks, which are also available in the store, you fix the plastic plate to the ground. Additional screw connectors are useful if you are planning a longer installation.



Advantages of our plastic construction mats

With LuxTek’s construction mats, you are opting for comprehensively TÜV-tested quality products made in Germany. With us as your partner, you benefit from numerous advantages that not only concern the construction mats themselves:

  • We offer you the entire handling from the first consultation to the delivery to the company or to the construction site from a single source
  • LuxTek plastic plates are lighter than ordinary steel or wooden products, which significantly simplifies the entire installation and removal process.
  • The construction mats offer first-class protection of the subsoil and convince with a high load-bearing capacity of up to 200 tons per plate. This makes them suitable for numerous vehicles and construction machines, even for longer operations.
  • The PE-HD plastic used is durable and weather-resistant and does not emit any harmful substances to the substrate. Furthermore, there are no sharp edges on which you can injure yourself.

In addition, you benefit from the breaking strength and an enormously good resistance to chemicals of all kinds. In short: Our mats are a real alternative to the classic protection of the substrate and thus worth a look in any case!

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