Plastics in logistics, transport and load securing


Expensive damage during loading and transport can be effectively reduced by using high-quality products for load securing and stabilization. Compared to conventional materials, our plastics are characterized by very high toughness, are therefore virtually indestructible, do not break and have very high and long-lasting dimensional stability. In addition, they offer excellent damping and abrasion properties and are weather-resistant, which makes them ideal for use as load and workpiece carriers, as anti-slip load beams, as load securing wedges or as bumpers or collision protection on trucks. Transport damage and rejects are significantly reduced.


Advantages and areas of application of plastic in logistics, transportation and load securing

  • Durability and dimensional stability: Our plastic products are unbreakable and retain their shape, making them ideal for reliable transportation.
  • Gentle on surfaces: The firm but slightly elastic material effectively protects adjacent surfaces from shocks and vibrations during transportation.
  • Low maintenance: The products are easy to clean, do not absorb water and are resistant to chemicals and lubricants.
  • Also optimized for outdoor use: High weather and UV resistance make our plastics ideally suited for outdoor use.
  • Dust-free and lightweight: No dust generation compared to alternatives such as paper and significantly lighter than steel.
  • Safe and sustainable: Antistatic properties and environmentally friendly production thanks to 100% recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Automotive
  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace industry

Product examples

Anti-slip support beam with rubberized surface

The constant replacement of wooden beams with fitted anti-slip mats is a thing of the past. Our high-performance plastic beams with a firmly bonded, rubberized anti-slip surface now ensure safety and durability. These loading beams are made of high-quality PE-HMW/PE-UHMW reclaimed material, which has an extremely high compressive strength of up to 2000 t/m². The approximately 5 mm thick, rubberized TPE surface not only offers a high coefficient of friction, but also has a cushioning effect. Unlike many types of wood, our plastic beams are pest-free and are therefore ideal for international goods traffic without the need for ISPM 15 treatment. They are also resistant to chemicals such as oils, de-icing salts and lubricants and are weatherproof. Customized special dimensions, with beam lengths of up to 6 meters and a thickness of 10 cm, are available on request.

Antislip beam
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