Load spreading mats made of plastic


The plastic load spreading mats have handles on both short sides. They make handling and laying easy. In parallel, they serve as receptacles for the galvanized connectors that we offer as a variant of locking. Alternatively, we also offer ground hooks and other connectors for bolting the driving plates, ground protection plates and load spreading mats made of plastic.



Application areas of our load spreading mats

Plastic load spreading mats can evenly distribute heavier loads. Heavy-duty load distribution plates prevent damage to turf areas caused by the wheels of heavy trucks sinking in and leaving deep furrows. This is accompanied by a significant reduction in reclamation costs.

Plastic load distribution plates offer further advantages when used for the following applications:

  • ideal for providing non-slip temporary paths
  • avoidance of soil damage due to heavy transport
  • protection of lawns during necessary construction works in parks
  • prevention of ground damage when driving over sports halls and exhibition halls
  • preventing the ground from getting stuck on lawns and fields

The main target groups for the plastic load spreading mats and driving plates are construction companies that do not want to reduce their profit by recourse claims for damages. Forwarding companies should also stock up on plates from LuxTek. They are particularly interesting for haulage companies that need to transport heavy loads over agricultural terrain, for example, for the construction of wind farms.

Different structures

The plastic load spreading mats must be non-slip for safety reasons in many applications. LuxTek has suitable products ready for this as well. With us you have the choice between plates without structure as well as fine and rough structured plastic plates. The variants with surface structures prevent slipping in all directions and increase safety during braking maneuvers.

Long service life

Mats made of plastic have the advantage that they are resistant to any weather conditions. When ordering from LuxTek, you will receive load spreading mats that you can use at high temperatures as easily as in severe frost. In some cases, construction companies face a particular technical problem. They need driving plates and plates for floor protection that provide sufficient safety and stability even on difficult surfaces. LuxTek’s high-quality plastic products meet precisely this requirement thanks to their flexural strength. They are also UV-resistant and acid-resistant, which also benefits a long service life. This is complemented by the fact that plastic panels cannot absorb water, as is the case with wooden dredge mats, for example.


High load

For the load spreading mats, we as a manufacturer offer a variety of different formats and thicknesses. When making your selection, please note that the load-bearing capacities differ both due to the thickness of the plates and the type of substrate. This becomes very clear with our heavy-duty plates with a thickness of 40 millimeters. On unpaved and wet subsoils, they can withstand loads of up to 60 tons. On unpaved and dry subsoils, the load-bearing capacity of the plastic plates already rises to 130 tons. If you want to protect paved roads and squares from damage, you may load our plastic plates for load distribution with up to 200 tons.

Heavy-duty plates
Load spreading mats application

Individual features

You can also order personalized plastic load spreading mats from us. We will be happy to mill your company name or lettering three-dimensionally into the surfaces of the plastic plates. This makes the investment worthwhile twice over, because the practical load distribution plates can advertise your company. In addition, this allows you to recognize your property at all times during major events and on large construction sites with several players.

Advantages of our load spreading mats

Investing in high-quality plastic load spreading mats is worthwhile in many respects. On the one hand, they reduce the costs required to repair damage to substrates. But they also reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs to machinery and vehicles. If the wheels of vehicles sink on unpaved surfaces, torn-off parts on the exhaust systems are usually the result. Such repairs are often very expensive, especially on commercial vehicles. If you get stuck with a vehicle, you need an auxiliary vehicle with a winch or even professional roadside assistance. This also causes costs, which you can save by prevention with our load distribution plates and plastic driving plates.

Advantages of plastic load spreading mats briefly summarized:

  • good weather resistance and long service life of plastic mats.
  • plastic mats can be used in frost and heat conditions
  • quick and easy creation of a safe underground
  • plastic load spreading mats are also available for heavy loads
  • plastic mats for load distribution are break-proof and moisture resistant
  • variable use due to different surfaces (with and without structure)
  • plastic load spreading mats can be installed and removed quickly and easily
  • reduction of repair and maintenance costs for machines and vehicles
  • protection of soils and avoidance of recultivation costs


Assembly, transport and storage

Our intelligent load spreading systems can be stored and transported in stackable storage boxes. Consider the advantages of load securing and the time saved during loading. Therefore, it is best to order the plastic load distribution plates as a set at a reasonable price and supplement the order with the practical transport plate boxes and the connecting elements.

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