New Offering: Heavy-duty plate Maximum Overlap for Demanding Construction Projects

Our latest product expands our range and has been specifically developed to tackle the challenges of modern construction sites under demanding ground conditions. The Heavy-duty plate Maximum Overlap is a response to the increasing demands for stability and safety in difficult environments prevalent in many construction projects.

Maximum overlap installation screwed

Slippery Slope on the Construction Site: How Mud and Rain Can Compromise Safety

Construction sites often face harsh conditions where heavy rainfall can turn the ground into a muddy landscape. Even with the use of ground protection plates, it can be problematic under these circumstances: mud and dirt seep between the joints, flooding the trackways and hindering machine operations. This can potentially lead to slippery and unstable surfaces, compromising stability and safety. The result is not only an increased risk of accidents but also potential delays in construction progress.

Danger from mud at construction sites

The Solution: Our New Heavy-duty plate Maximum Overlap

The Heavy-duty plate provides an innovative solution to the problem of muddy construction sites. Its key feature, the new overlapping connection system, ensures seamless installation without joints. This design reduces the intrusion of mud between individual plates, ensuring a clean and stable surface. Additionally, the system includes 10 connection points, providing even stronger overlap and sealing to completely eliminate the formation of unevenness. This not only increases the integrity of the overall structure but also ensures more even load distribution. The result is a significant improvement in stability and safety on the construction site. The joint-free surface also reduces the risk of tripping hazards and provides a reliable base for operating heavy machinery, even under adverse weather conditions.

Road plate Maximum Overlap screwed

Applications of the Heavy-duty plate Maximum Overlap

The Heavy-duty plate Maximum Overlap is ideal for use in demanding environments, from constructing temporary roads on construction sites to large-scale events. Its robust, joint-free construction supports heavy machinery and equipment and is particularly useful for infrastructure projects such as wind turbines and pipeline construction. Additionally, the plate is non-conductive, making it ideal for building transmission towers. Its versatility and recyclable material make it a sustainable choice for efficient and safe construction projects.

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