Plastic blocks in forklift service

The right accessories for more safety and comfort in your workshop: Our resilient support blocks made of 100% recycled plastic are ideal for service operations, inspections and maintenance work on forklifts and other industrial trucks. The practical plastic blocks are simply placed underneath the vehicles and thus provide a secure hold in any situation.

Use in industrial truck and forklift service

The enormously load-bearing plastic support blocks can be used in forklift service, forklift maintenance or for the repair of industrial trucks, among other things, as additional protection and facilitate the performance of services. After the vehicles have been lifted with a jack, the support blocks are simply placed under the equipment, where they can compensate for height if necessary and ensure a safe stand. This is because jacking up on the plastic blocks creates more points of support; increasing stability and reducing risks that often come with just securing with jacks. Because they distribute point loads over a larger area, the blocks also serve to protect the floor.

Advantages of plastic blocks

Our support blocks made of 100% recycled plastic are produced from high-quality PE-HMW/UHMW in Germany using a compression molding process. Thanks to their high-quality processing, the plastic blocks bring several advantages in forklift service:

Easy transport and simple handling
All plastic blocks have a low dead weight and can be easily stacked on pallets and lashed down for transport. Mesh or wooden boxes are also suitable for transport. In order to create a load-bearing surface with the support blocks, they only need to be placed on a level surface – assembly work is therefore not required. All blocks can be equipped with a carrying handle, which facilitates the transport and use of the blocks, as well as the low weight of the blocks (approx. 6 kilograms).

Fast cleaning
LuxTek® blocks are very easy to clean, especially compared to wooden models, as they do not absorb liquids. This makes the plastic blocks a safer alternative, especially in forklift maintenance and industrial truck repair, as dirt deposits can quickly cause heavy equipment to slip and become a risk.

Enormous load capacity
Our support blocks are particularly characterized by a very high support capacity. In order to be able to guarantee complete safety, the maximum load capacity of our products is tested by an independent institute. The result of the application-oriented test was an impressive point load capacity of up to 25 tons, making the plastic blocks ideal for servicing forklifts.

High durability
Their high durability also makes the support blocks ideal for use in forklift maintenance and testing. Unlike wood, they do not absorb water and are resistant to oil, chemicals and UV radiation. This means they can also be used outdoors without any problems.


Advantages and features at a glance

  • Made of 100% recycled plastic (PE-HMW/ UHMW)
  • Easy to lay due to carrying handle and low own weight
  • Optimal grip due to roughened surface on both sides
  • Highly loadable and extremely stable
  • Pressure tested close to application
  • Hardly any wear
  • Break-proof
  • UV-resistant (no weathering)
  • High temperature resistance (-80 °C to +80 °C)
  • Resistant to chemicals and oils
  • High quality according to DIN and ISO
  • Free from plasticizers


Sizes of the supporting blocks

The LuxTek plastic supporting blocks are available in the following two different sizes:

  • 350 x 150 x 50 mm (weight: approx. 2.6 kilograms)
  • 350 x 150 x 100 mm (weight: approx. 5.2 kilograms)

The maximum support load for both versions is 25 tons.

If you need plastic blocks with other dimensions for your forklift/truck service application, we continue to offer custom fabrication.

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