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Our fields of application

Agriculture & agricultural technology

LuxTek plastics are food-safe, wear-free and low-noise, making them suitable for use in close proximity to animals. Our offer includes, among others, individual elements in agricultural machinery, conveyor systems or generally in agricultural equipment.

Plastics in the agriculture & agricultural technology

Automotive industry

Up to now, LuxTek has been very much present in the field of commercial vehicles or even automotive manufacturing. Our portfolio includes products such as sliding discs for fifth wheels of truck trailers.

Plastics in the automotive industry

Energy technology

Compared with metals, plastics offer the great advantage that they can reduce the weight of existing structures many times over. In most cases, this can significantly increase the energy balance. Properties such as heat resistance and temperature stability distinguish plastics. Furthermore, the materials are insulating, conductive, antistatic and dimensionally stable.

Plastics in the energy technology

Wood and paper industry

Our PE plastic is ideally suited for use in the wood or paper industry, as it is acid-resistant compared to steel, for example. LuxTek products are used, for example, in the wood industry for processing wood fiberboard and ensure that varnishes or hot glue can be worked with safely.

Plastics in the wood and paper industry

Load and workpiece carriers

LuxTek load and workpiece carriers are used in the automotive industry, among others, and have become an indispensable production helper. They are characterized by the following advantages: safe transport of the goods to be protected, dirt-free, easy to clean, light weight, etc.

Load and workpiece carriers made of plastic

Food industry

Luxtek plastics can be used in the food industry, where they serve as cutting bases, for example. In principle, however, our individual milled parts are also used in machinery and equipment for food production or processing.

Plastics in the food industry

Mechanical and plant engineering

Due to their properties and advantages, engineering plastics are being used more and more in mechanical engineering and are increasingly replacing components made of steel. The advantages are obvious: PE-HMW or PE-UHMW plastics are lighter than steel and do not oxidize. Furthermore, they are less susceptible to wear and thus have a much longer service life. Modern plastics are very resistant, have favorable sliding resistance behavior and high abrasion and wear resistance.

Plastics in mechanical and plant engineering


Medical technology

In medical technology, precision and smooth processes are of great importance. In medical technology, we speak of primary and secondary components. Primary components are in direct contact with a sensitive medium and must be of the appropriate purity and quality. Secondary components are not subject to the same requirements as primary components and are used, for example, in medical technology systems and machines.

Plastics in the medical technology


Sports and leisure

LuxTek offers special solutions for special applications here. Our product range includes, for example, milled parts in the form of connecting elements for base frames of canoes.

Plastics in sports and leisure

Transport and conveyor technology

Plastics offer optimum conditions for use in a wide variety of transport and conveying systems. Properties such as wear resistance, sliding properties, and noise dampening are usually the key factors here. The applications are fundamentally different and range from simple conveyor belts to a more complex screw conveyor system in a waste incineration plant. Of course, we also offer our plastics as explosion-proof ATEX versions.

Plastics in the transport and conveyor technology

CNC milling parts: Customized manufacturing


Send us your inquiry today, gladly with a design drawing according to which we should manufacture your individual plastic milled parts.

Needs analysis

We offer you a callback, if necessary also a personal meeting at your site – so that we can make a tailor-made offer for your applications.


Based on the individual needs assessment, we will provide you with a customized offer for your special plastic milled parts.


Our plastic milled parts are durable and resilient. They are made from semi-finished plastic parts manufactured by us thanks to state-of-the-art production processes. Quality “Made in Germany”.



From the drawing to the finished milled part

Self-lubricating plastic rails

Long-lasting plants thanks to intelligent clamping systems

Other components that extend the service life of plant and machinery are tensioning systems. Due to the continuous movements, wear parts such as belts and chains are usually subjected to high loads throughout. Without tension, chain links will elongate over time – negatively impacting smooth running after a certain amount of time. Chain and belt tensioners made of LuxTek plastics increase the service life of your conveyor and drive technology, and the wear of your equipment is minimized.

We manufacture guide and slide rails as well as tensioning systems according to your specifications – at low cost and also in small quantities. Request your individual design today, we will be happy to advise you.

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