Plastic support blocks are safe and stable

The support block belongs to the support technology category and there to the stabilizer blocks subcategory. The trestles create robust and resilient supporting surfaces and can compensate for level differences due to their different dimensions. They also offer some practical advantages over their wooden counterparts. With plastic pedestals, pests have no chance and even rot caused by moisture does not harm them.

What are the classic areas of application for the support blocks?

Thanks to their enormous load-bearing capacity, plastic support blocks can secure vehicles and machines in the workshop, for example, so that service and repairs can be carried out easily. After they have been lifted with a jack, the support blocks are placed under the equipment to create a secure footing. This reduces the risks posed by the tightly dimensioned support points when only securing with a jack. The enormous stability of the support frames makes them an indispensable tool for the installation of vehicles and machines. The following types of use are also possible:

  • load-bearing base for the erection of scaffolding
  • supports for repair work on forklifts and cars
  • alignment of office and construction containers without strip foundation
  • base for the storage of building materials and goods on pallets
  • spacers and slip inhibitors for load securing
  • substructure for the stabilising jibs of the trucks with loading crane
  • vibration damper for machine tools
  • anti-tilt device for single-axle sales trailers

For which applications are the plastic blocks still suitable?

This list of use of plastic blocks is not exhaustive. The basic characteristics and the load-bearing capacity make the plastic support blocks very universally applicable. The application possibilities do not stop with the mentioned variants, because also a misuse is possible. Due to the size plate, they can be used as a temporary step to a shell. They even serve well in private homes and gardens. If you do not want your wooden plunge pool of the garden sauna to weather from below, place plastic blocks underneath. They prevent moisture from the ground or surface water from penetrating into the feet.

How strong are the plastic support blocks?

We have commissioned an independent institute to carry out application-oriented testing of the maximum load capacity. After all, as a manufacturer we want you to be able to rely on the load capacity data when purchasing our products. The result of these tests was the confirmation that our models can withstand punctual loads of up to 25 tons. A plastic underframe itself is quite light. Our smaller blocks weigh less than six kilograms and have an integrated loop with carrying handle for comfortable handling.

In which sizes are the plastic blocks available for storage?

You can order LuxTek’s support blocks in different standard sizes. If these dimensions are not enough for your planned application, we offer custom-made solutions. Individual dimensions are possible for height as well as length and width. If you would like to know the price for the custom-made products, you can request a concrete cost estimate by telephone, fax or e-mail.

Can the support blocks be individualized?

If you would like to be able to recognise your plastic blocks quickly at any time, please contact us for an individualisation. This is possible in a very simple way. Our employees can either mill in simple logos or a name signature. This is just as possible with the support block as with the support plates and container plates. It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy standard dimensions or order custom-made products.

What characteristics do plastic support blocks have?

In addition to their enormous load-bearing capacity, their resistance to heat and frost also plays an important role. In contrast to wooden support blocks, water cannot penetrate the plastic support blocks. This means that the support blocks can easily be used in winter. The resistance to oils and other chemicals also pays off during use. The surfaces of the plastic blocks are also roughened. This is an advantage in terms of safety.

What are the other advantages of LuxTek’s support stands?

When used in industry, it is important that the support stands are easy to clean. That’s why many materials are not on the shortlist. Our support stands made of deep black or black-coloured plastic, on the other hand, are a very good solution due to their easy cleaning. Please bear in mind that dirt deposits represent a safety risk in all applications. By simply cleaning the support blocks, you can efficiently prevent machines, scaffolding and vehicles from slipping, for example. The support blocks are also useful for occupational health and safety. They help to enable safe working on vehicles and machines.

What is worth knowing about the transport and assembly of support blocks?

No assembly work is required when using the plastic support blocks. In order to create load bearing supporting surfaces, they simply have to be laid on a flat surface. It should also be noted that the blocks also serve to protect the floor as they distribute point loads over a larger area. For transport, you can stack the support blocks on a pallet and lash them. Larger lattice boxes or wooden boxes are also suitable as transport aids.