Plastics technology

Plastic milled parts

From our versatile semi-finished products, we manufacture milled parts from high-performance technical plastics for a wide range of industries and applications: slide-optimized plastic milled parts for high mechanical loads in transport and conveyor technology, mechanical & plant engineering, the food industry, medical technology, UV-stabilized components for outdoor installations, antistatic milled parts for electrical engineering, milled parts from ATEX-compliant semi-finished plastic products for potentially explosive areas, and much more.

Plastic milled parts

Finished plastic parts

Under the product category finished parts, we understand products that are used as finished components in a wide variety of industries. For example, load carriers for the transport of components in the automotive industry, supports for punching in the textile sector, scrapers for the production of fiberboards in the wood industry, and much more.


Plastic finished parts
Workbench top application

Semi-finished plastic products

Our portfolio includes semi-finished products made of engineering plastics in both standardized PE-HMW/UHMW grades and premium PE-UHMW plastics with special optimizations. High-molecular PE plastics have become indispensable in modern mechanical and plant engineering. They are characterized by outstanding mechanical properties and are now replacing metal components in many applications.

Plastic semi-finished products
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