Plastic production - The right plastic parts for your needs

With about twenty years of experience in the field of plastic manufacturing, the family business Luxtek is your competent partner for individual plastic parts and special solutions in almost every field of application. Whether plastic milled parts, plastic finished parts or plastic semi-finished parts – with our know-how in the production, processing and development of plastic parts, we find the right solution for every need. If you want to have plastic parts manufactured, you have come to the right place.

Plastic milled parts

From our versatile plastics, we manufacture milled parts from high-performance engineering plastics for a wide range of industries and applications: slide-optimized plastic milled parts for high mechanical loads in transport and conveyor technology, mechanical & plant engineering, the food industry, medical technology, UV-stabilized components for outdoor installations, antistatic milled parts for electrical engineering, milled parts made from ATEX-compliant semi-finished products for potentially explosive areas, and much more.

Plastic finished parts

Under the product category finished parts made of plastic, we understand products that find applications as finished components in a wide variety of industries. For example, workbench tops as direct worktops or as work supports for workbench tops, load carriers for the transport of components in the automotive industry, supports for punching in the textile sector, scrapers for the production of fiberboards in the wood industry, and many more.

Plastic semi-finished products

Our portfolio includes semi-finished products made of engineering plastics in both standardized PE-HMW/UHMW grades and premium PE-UHMW plastics with special optimizations. High-molecular PE plastics have become indispensable in modern mechanical and plant engineering. They are characterized by outstanding mechanical properties and are now replacing metal components in many applications.

Plastics manufacturing: Overview

The generic term “plastics production” or “plastics technology” covers milled parts produced individually according to customer specifications, finished parts suitable for various industries, and semi-finished products for further processing. There is hardly an area of individual production in which plastics manufacturing does not play a role, because plastic parts exist in countless forms and they fulfill very different functions. With our experience in various manufacturing and processing methods in the field of plastic production, such as injection molding, extrusion or calendering, we can meet a wide variety of requirements and applications. The possibilities for developing components from plastic are almost limitless. We are sure to find the optimal solution for your requirements.


Typical areas of application

Plastic parts can be found in a wide variety of industries and applications. Here is a selection:

Plastic milled parts

  • as sliding-optimized milled parts in transport and conveyor technology
  • in mechanical and plant engineering
  • in medical technology
  • in the food industry
  • as UV-stabilized parts for outdoor installations
  • as antistatic parts in electrical engineering
  • in the wood and paper industry
  • in the automotive industry

Plastic finished parts

  • workbench tops
  • load carriers for the transport of components
  • supports for punching in the textile industry
  • wipers for the production of fiber parts in the wood industry
  • wall guards for the protection of stressed surfaces

Plastic semi-finished products (available in standardized PE-HMW/UHMW grades as well as premium PE-UHMW plastics)

  • for machine and plant construction
  • with antistatic properties for electrical engineering
  • ATEX-compliant for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • UV-stabilized for outdoor use


Advantages of plastic products

Plastic is the ideal material for countless applications and areas. This is partly because there are different plastics, such as various thermoplastics and thermosets, which differ in their properties. This means that a well-suited plastic can be selected from the outset depending on the purpose. On the other hand, plastic also offers quite a few advantages in general, which make this material so popular. The most important advantages are:

  • Plastics are flexible and easy to shape, so that with the necessary know-how, individual plastic parts can be manufactured without any problems.
  • Plastic has a low density, which makes it lighter than many other materials.
  • Most plastics insulate well against electricity.
  • Plastics are heat insulating.
  • Most plastics are heat resistant, which is why they are often used in the solar industry.
  • Plastics are very resistant to moisture and chemicals.
  • Plastics are easy to clean; their smooth surface structure makes them easy to clean.
  • Plastics are durable; they are robust and resistant to weathering and corrosion.


Luxtek: Your competent partner for plastics manufacturing

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of plastic production, we can manufacture individual plastic parts whose shape and properties are ideal for the intended application. Thus, you can have plastic parts manufactured by us that convince in practice and withstand the highest demands. In addition to the quality of our plastic products and solutions and your satisfaction, the environment is also important to us. That’s why we also offer all our products made of 100% recycled plastic, if the individual requirements allow it. This way, you can benefit from the many advantages of our plastic products and meet your sustainability requirements at the same time.

What distinguishes us at a glance:
- Many years of experience in plastics production
- Customized customer solutions possible
- ISO 9001:2015 certified
- Made in Germany
- Available as 100% recycled material
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