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Stable mats and wall protection plates made of plastic and rubber

A highly effective ground protection, such as stable mats made of plastic and rubber sheets, is ideal for heavily used access paths such as pastures and stable alleys, for paddocks and open stables, as box flooring, feeding areas, riding arenas, pitches, runs, drinking troughs or lunging rings and horse walkers. Rubber and plastic sheets are also suitable for wall cladding, as scratch and dirt protection in stables and horse boxes.

Stable mats – plastic flooring for stables and riding arenas

The plastic sheets are unbreakable and impermeable to water, acids and urine. The floor is warmer and more elastic than, for example, concrete flooring, which means greater well-being for animals, such as horses. The sound-absorbing and insulating properties and the long service life are also positive features. The plates are easy to clean, non-slip and, due to their low weight, easy to lay.

A further advantage of using stable mats is the economy. With the plastic plates as stable mats you need approx. 50-70% less bedding, which means lower purchase and disposal costs and less manure at the same time. This also reduces the dust load in the stable or playpen and improves the indoor climate.

A non-slip and abrasion-resistant floor is often required in the stable alley and riding arena to minimise the risk of injury to the animal and to protect the joints. In this case we also offer plastic plates with structure. This ensures a safe gait for horses and other animals and prevents slipping or injuries when passing through the sand layer.

Horse stable with plastic mats

Plastic plates for stable construction

Our robust plastic plates are also ideally suited for stable construction, for example to produce cladding for stable walls or partitions in pig, cattle and horse stables. They are very rigid, resilient and wear-resistant. Due to these properties, they can withstand high loads and offer hygienic cleanliness, as they are easy to clean and impermeable to liquids. A durable surface protection of the stable mats is thus guaranteed.

The plastic plates have a high temperature resistance, do not weather and are resistant to UV as well as heat and frost, which also makes it possible to use them in outdoor areas of horse husbandry, for example as paddock mats. We offer high quality products made in Germany.

Further possible applications for stable mats for horses and other animals are the creation of soft lying surfaces, protection against feed acid, renovation of already damaged concrete slatted floors and the avoidance of feed loss through slatting as well as odour nuisance.

Animal Husbandry

Stable mats made of rubber

Our stable mats are made of new rubber and are equipped with an animal-friendly surface. The laying is very easy thanks to the puzzle system, they do not need to be screwed or glued to the ground.

The rubber mats are waterproof, durable, wear-resistant and robust. Other positive features of stable mats are the shock-absorbing properties, which, for example, allow the hooves to turn in a way that is easy on the joints, and the tread and slip resistance due to the structured surface.

Therefore, the high-quality rubber flooring is just as suitable for use on heavily used surfaces with high punctual loads as in horse transporters and in horse boxes as well as in open stables for cow and horse.

Contamination of the mats with excrement or urine is much easier to clean than unpaved flooring and is therefore also a good alternative to straw or shavings for reasons of economy. No additional insulating treading layer is required here, even in cold weather. The animals also stand and lie more comfortably on stable mats than on a cold and slippery concrete floor.

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