In order to create safe lanes or load-bearing surfaces from floor protection or driving plates, you need suitable connectors. We are offering different types of connectors, which differ in material and use. You will find more information in the text below. For personal advice on the use of connectors in combination with our plastic plates, please contact us.

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Connector for the safe combination of road plates and ground protection mats

Plastic road plates are used wherever vehicles have to pass through rough terrain. To enable construction vehicles to drive on construction sites, road plates are laid out to create a drivable surface. If larger areas have to be covered with a walkable floor, for example at festivals or similar events, ground protection mats are used, which are also suitable for forming continuous areas.

Special connectors for road plates and ground protection mats ensure a secure hold between the individual plates. These are available from us in different versions, which differ in material and use.

What types of connectors are available?

With connecting clamps two road plates can be connected. To do this, the clamps are simply hooked into the handles of the plates. These connectors are primarily suitable for the construction of driveways.

Models such as the double and fourfold screw connectors are also used for full-surface laying of plates. The connectors are pushed under the corner holes and fixed with screws from above.

Double cramp connectors are hooked into the corner holes at a 90° angle to combine two panels. Four-fold cramp connectors work on the same principle but can connect four panels together and are also suitable for full-surface installation.

Plastic ties resemble cable ties in their form and function. They can be passed through the corner holes or the handles of ground protection mats and road plates to connect two plates together.

Ground hooks not only fix two panels, but also attach them to the ground.

What material are the connectors made of?

The connectors available in our shop are different in their shape and also in the materials. This makes them suitable not only for different purposes, but also for different surfaces.

Connector clamps are made of galvanized steel. Two and four screw connectors are made of plastic. This makes them particularly suitable for sensitive surfaces. For use on solid and paved surfaces, we recommend above all cramp connectors made of galvanized steel. Plastic ties are suitable for the quick connection of road plates. However, care must be taken to ensure that the load is as low as possible. Ground hooks are made of steel, the standard material in mechanical engineering. Steel is a strong material with high hardness.

Unlike conventional steel, galvanized steel is corrosion-resistant. Due to the protective galvanised surface, the material is very durable. Connectors made of plastic have the advantage of not leaving any damage on sensitive surfaces. Moreover, products made of plastic have a lower weight than products made of steel or galvanized steel.

What other accessories are available for road plates and ground protection mats?

Transport boxes for the safe transport and practical storage of road plates round off our range in this area. Our transport boxes are made of galvanized steel, which convinces with stability and durability. Resistant to heat and frost, the boxes can also be stacked for space-saving storage.

Many of our road plates and ground protection mats are available as a set with matching box and connecting clamps. Please call us if you would like further information or an offer! We will be happy to advise you personally.