Sustainable products made of plastic?

How do plastic products and sustainability go together, you may be asking? We say: Durability and recycling are the ideal combination for sustainable products. That’s why we manufacture our design items exclusively from extremely robust, recycled plastics. Reusing the raw material plastic (usually a waste product of the construction industry) results in reduced electricity consumption and transportation costs. We return our plastics, specifically designed for use with construction equipment weighing tons, back into the raw material cycle, saving enormous resources. Our vision: We do not create end-of-life products, but guarantee practically limitless longevity.


PE-HMW - robust and hygienic

The responsible alternative to hardwood, which often comes from tropical areas, is called high performance plastic. Compared to wood, the plastic we use is more weather resistant (-80°C to +80°C), UV stabilized against fading and therefore resistant to cold, heat and sunlight. Plastic does not splinter and does not warp. Replacement due to wear and tear is practically unnecessary here – and this is not only good for the environment, but also for the household. The products remain visually flawless. But it’s not just the extreme robustness in the face of natural influences that helps to save money for municipal and private households.


No replacement procurement - saves budget and the environment

Our products can withstand loads resulting from heavy use or vandalism. The recycled plastic PE-HMW is extremely robust! The material is impact resistant and not only does not absorb water, but also paint. Thus, the furniture from the LuxTek design series is vandalism-proof.


Hygienic cleaning - simple and safe

The surface of our plastic articles is extremely easy to clean. The material does not discolor, does not absorb any liquid and is therefore low-maintenance.


Recycled plastic for highest demands

So now you know the many technical advantages that recycled plastic offers. But our sustainable end products are also a visual highlight: The pressed plastic has a matt, slightly rough structure and therefore appears very high-quality. The feel remains consistently pleasant due to its robustness against wear and tear. Recycled plastic is also frequently offered in the “confetti” color scheme. This means that the waste plastic, unsorted by color, is pressed by us into plates and processed further. This creates the so-called confetti look, sometimes in subtle, sometimes in very bright to even garish colors. This makes our confetti products unique, each piece is one of a kind.