Ground protection

LuxTek plastic plates protect all types of surfaces and make them passable. Their load-bearing capacity depends on the nature of the ground and the selected panel thickness. Do you need professional advice on road or ground protection plates tailored to your personal use? Feel free to contact our team of experts for ground protection.

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Plastic grouund protection:
Support for vehicles and protection for the ground

Impassable terrain and unpaved surfaces are not uncommon on construction sites. With our road plates, you create a stable surface on which construction vehicles can be moved safely. The plates can easily withstand the heavy weight of excavators and cranes despite their light weight.

With the road and ground protection mats, you not only create temporary construction roads and driveways. They protect the terrain from additional damage caused by tires and support feet of vehicles and cranes.

For which field of application is the ground protection suitable?

The road, ground protection and heavy-duty plates can be used on construction sites as well as at events such as festivals or sporting events. On the one hand, you can create temporary parking spaces and roadways for construction vehicles, and on the other hand, you can protect the ground by creating a homogeneous surface for large streams of visitors. If you are active in animal husbandry, you will find highly effective floor and wall protection in our robust rubber stable mats.

This makes LuxTek plastic ground protection suitable for municipalities, for gardeners and landscapers, for event organizers and for companies in the construction, civil engineering and earthworks sectors, among others.

What is the advantage of plastic ground protection?

Compared with steel and wooden driving plates, plastic plates have some advantages. On the one hand, they are significantly lighter, so they are easier to transport and install. Weather-resistant plastic plates are very durable as they are protected from weathering by the material used.. Due to its high temperature resistance, neither heat nor frost can harm the material. Even against acid and chemicals our load distribution plates are resistant.

The plastic we use has a very high density. This makes our surface protection equally flexible and resistant to bending.

🗸 Lighter than steel plates
🗸 No sharp edges
🗸 Flexible and resistant to bending at the same time
🗸 Durable because protected from weathering
🗸 Enormously resilient and low-wearing
🗸 Resistant to heat and frost, UV-resistant
🗸 Extremely break-resistant
🗸 Acid and chemical resistant
🗸 Easy to clean

We manufacture our road plates from pressed PE-HMW / PE-UHMW plastic, while our floor protection plates are made from extruded PE-HD plastic.

What accessories are available for road and ground protection mats?

The matching accessories for the plastic plates are, of course, also part of our range. Our storage boxes made of galvanized steel are suitable for storage and transport. These can be stacked for space-saving storage. The individual panels are removed from the side and can be easily handled even by a single person.

The LuxTek plastic surface protection is supplemented by various connectors with which you can connect the road and ground protection plates and fix them to the floor if required.