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Plastic ground protection mats protect surfaces (e.g. for events or temporary parking areas) and create access routes to green areas of all kinds. Their load-bearing capacity depends on their thickness and the nature of the subsoil. If you have any questions about our ground protection plates, please feel free to contact us for personal advice from our sales team.

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Where can LuxTek plastic ground protection mats be used?

You can order our ground protection mats in different colors. They are available in several thicknesses, which differ in terms of load capacity. On compacted green areas, for example, you can load the 15 millimeter thick plates with up to 15 tons. This avoids damage to the lawns if you, as an event organizer, want to turn sports facilities into a concert arena. This means that our plastic panels are suitable for use as event floors without any problems.

On paved floors, all panels consistently have a load-bearing capacity of more than 20 tons. The Proflex ground protection plates can even bear a weight of up to 50 tons. They are therefore also suitable, for example, as excavator mats or for protecting roads and squares in the case of access routes for medium-heavy construction vehicles.

Please note the differences in the guide values for load-bearing capacity on different substrates. Other examples of use include:

  • Creation of solid floors for events of all kinds
  • Temporary paths for vehicles in green areas of all kinds
  • Reinforcement of sensitive road surfaces
  • Tight covering of working platforms with grids
  • Interim solution for the renovation of footpaths
  • Protection for hall floors made of screed or tiles

The flexible ground protection mat

The Flex ground protection mat is ideal for events and for use around festivals and in parking lots. Thanks to the one-sided structure with the slip-resistant surface profile, it offers people and smaller machines a secure hold at all times. It can be driven on and can be loaded with up to 20 tons on paved ground. The panels are made of PE-LD plastic using the extrusion process. They are resistant to heat and frost from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius. Immediately after the event, the plastic sheets can be removed by only one employee to be transported to the next place of use. Incidentally, the flexible floor protection sheet is also available with a double-sided structure for even more application possibilities and a higher load capacity.

How safe are plastic ground protection mats?

Depending on the model, plastic floor protection mats have a structured surface profile on one or both sides. This puts them in the category of slip-resistant products and provides a high level of safety for vehicles and people. As a result, you can prevent vehicles from getting stuck when transporting equipment or materials off-road. These properties predestine the plastic floor tiles as protection for the ground and the users, for example, if you want to set up a temporary parking lot in a field for an event. The safety provided by the slip resistance also makes a positive difference when converting gardens and parks and for temporary paths during outdoor events.

As a user, you derive further benefits from ground protection. One of the most important plus points is the protection that the plastic sheets provide when maintaining the turf during excavation work. The plastic soil protection plates also perform well when setting up ladders, for example, for pruning trees. They increase safety for landscapers by preventing ladders from sinking. In addition, you can use the plastic floor plates to build safe paths for transporting materials in wheelbarrows.

How time-consuming are transport and cleaning of the ground protection mats?

For transport, you can quickly and easily stow the plastic road plates and floor protection mats in a storage box that is very durable due to full galvanization. This additionally reduces the time required for securing the load. The transport boxes are large enough to comfortably store the plastic plates in them and are also stackable. This means that the boxes are designed from the outset so that you can practically nest them together and thus save space during transport. For this reason, it is best to order the stackable metal boxes at the same time. The driving plate boxes for the plastic plates are suitable for stacking as well as loading onto a truck or into a van with a forklift.

The advantages in care and maintenance are also important arguments in favor of plastic floor panels. You can simply spray the plates with a hose if they are contaminated with soil residues or other dirt. Dry dirt can be removed with a brush or broom. You can also use a ride-on sweeper to clean the plastic floor protection panels laid out on the event site or as paths.

Can LuxTek plastic ground protection mats be personalized?

Do you want to take advantage of all the opportunities to cost-effectively advertise your company or activity? – With LuxTek’s surface protection, this is easier than you think. For example, on many models we can mill your company name into the surfaces. This also has a very practical advantage. If you work on a large construction site with many other companies, you can always recognize your own plastic floor protection mats. This prevents losses due to a lack of recognizability of the owner.

What are the advantages of plastic mats?

Our mats made of plastic are available with dimensions between 2,000 x 500 millimeters and 3,000 x 1,100 millimeters. This means that even large areas can be easily equipped with a series of such plastic floor protection mats. Installation is quick and easy. Nevertheless, construction roads and event floors are safe with them. This is ensured by locking devices that can be fastened in a flash. You can choose between different variants of so-called connectors: The range extends from clamps made of galvanized steel to ground hooks to quadruple connectors made of plastic. With these, you can even securely screw the ground protection plates.

Plastic ground plates are an almost ideal solution as a protection for the substrate, because they combine a long service life with a reasonable price. This floor protection, unlike plates made of wood, can not weather so quickly. This is helped by the fact that water cannot penetrate the plastic. As a result, with suitable soil conditions, you can use them without any problems, even at low temperatures.

Advantages of plastic ground protection mats at a glance:

  • Plastic mats from LuxTek are inexpensive and versatile.
  • The ground protection is weather resistant and durable.
  • The ground protection mats are easy to transport and store in a space-saving manner.
  • The ground protection offers lightning fast assembly and disassembly.
  • The mats as ground protection made of plastic bring a high load capacity.
  • Ground protection mats from LuxTek are suitable for paved and unpaved floors.
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