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LuxTek plastic road plates create a stable surface that can be safely driven over by construction vehicles and machines. Despite their low own weight, plastic driving plates are enormously resilient – ideal for heavily used surfaces or for mobile construction roads. Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us!

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Plastic road plates ensure a passable substrate everywhere

What is a road plate?

Mobile construction roads on construction sites and the like can be created quickly and without great effort using road plates. The plastic road plates provide a stable and safe base so that construction vehicles can pass through impassable terrain. The roadways can withstand the heavy weight of excavators and cranes without any problems. The driving plates provide the necessary support, especially on an unpaved surface, so that construction vehicles neither get stuck nor sink into the subsoil.

Both the road plates and the plastic ground protection mats not only ensure a drivable and walkable surface, but also protect the terrain from additional damage.

Plastic road plates

What are the advantages of driving plates made of plastic?

Plastic driving plates have a decisive advantage over plates made of wood and steel plates. They can not only be transported easily, but are also very resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Depending on the design, they can bear weights of up to 300 tons and offer ideal load distribution.

Other advantages

  • Lighter than steel plates
  • No sharp edges
  • Flexible and rigid at the same time
  • Durable, because protected against weathering
  • Resistant to heat and frost
  • Extremely break-resistant
  • Acid and chemical resistant

For which applications can road plates be used?

The plastic driving plates can be used both on construction sites and at various events: On construction sites, mobile construction roads can be created quickly and easily, e.g. as access roads and temporary paths. At events, they protect the ground when there are large numbers of visitors and provide a homogeneous surface that can be walked on.

Who needs plastic road plates?

The temporary roadway mats are not only used by construction companies and municipalities, but also increasingly by private individuals and event organizers.

  • Garden and landscaping contractors
  • Manufacturers and users of cranes and construction machinery
  • Building, civil engineering and earthwork contractors
  • Event organizers
  • Renters of working platforms
  • Municipalities

What types of road plates does exist?

We offer you exactly the right plastic road plates and other materials for every application.

The all-rounder of the road plates

The Performance road plate is very easy to lay thanks to its low dead weight. It provides optimum grip and a safe ride for all types of construction vehicles, both on soft ground and on unpaved roads. On a paved surface, it can be loaded with more than 120 tons. After use, the road plates can be conveniently transported to the next application in an accompanying stackable transport box.

Our road plates Performance are made of PE-HD plastic and are manufactured in Germany using the press method. We guarantee the high quality by DIN and ISO standards. The road plates have a high temperature resistance from – 80 to + 80 degrees Celsius and are absolutely resistant to heat and frost. They do not contain any plasticizers and are UV-resistant. The material of the sheets is continuously tested by TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH so that the properties of the sheets are consistent at all times. Special designs are possible on request.

Road plate Performance
Road plate Performance

The plastic roadway plate Grip

Especially in bad weather conditions, the plastic driving plate with Grip provides the necessary grip and sufficient adhesion for construction vehicles. The road plates are manufactured in Germany from PE-HD plastic using a pressing process and are free of plasticizers. With the road plates, optimal grip is guaranteed on both paved and unpaved roads, because the construction roads can be driven over safely even with heavy construction equipment, protecting any type of terrain. Thanks to their low dead weight, the plastic driving plates can be laid by just one employee. Dismantling and transport in the transport boxes provided are just as easy as laying. The plastic panels are UV-resistant and do not weather even after long periods of use. They are also free of plasticizers, extremely stable and highly resilient. Your machines will be subjected to significantly less stress by using plastic driving plates, thus saving fuel at the same time.

Road Plate Grip
Road plate grip

Are there accessories for plastic road plates?

Of course, we also offer you the matching accessories for the moving plates. These include the sturdy storage boxes made of galvanized steel. These are manufactured in Germany and guarantee the safe transport of the plastic driving plates. The boxes are stackable and available in different versions. The boxes have a removable bracket, which allows the plates to be pulled out of the boxes without any problems. Ideal for one person to manage.

So that the individual plastic driving plates can be laid safely, we also have the matching connectors in our range. For quick and easy laying, we advise you to use connecting clamps. This makes it very easy to create continuous roadways and lanes.

In order to fix the track panels to the ground, we offer the appropriate steel ground hooks. These are connected to the soft ground through the corner holes in the plates. If the roadway slabs are to be laid seamlessly and for a longer period of time, the two-screw connectors or the four-screw connectors made of plastic are just the right thing. In addition, you will also find double staple connectors as well as quadruple staple connectors made of galvanized steel and flexible plastic ties, which can be used for low loads on the track slabs.

Can the road plates be personalized?

We deal with each of our customers’ requests individually and we meet the individual demands and wishes of our clients. For example, milling your company name into our plastic plates. On the one hand, this guarantees a certain level of protection against theft and, on the other hand, achieves an excellent advertising effect for your company.

Road plate milling

Can I also rent road plates?

The driving plates can be rented as well as purchased at a reasonable price. According to availability we offer good used plates from our rental park. Our team will be happy to advise and inform you at any time, so that you can find the right driving plates for every application.

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