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Our LuxTek products are flexible and are already used in many different areas. Be it to transport components safely from A to B, to protect highly stressed surfaces, as a work or table pad or even as a punching pad. Of course, existing products can always be individually adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers. We look forward to hearing from you directly – either by phone, email or our live chat.

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Plastic finished parts - durable, easy to clean, precise fit!

Plastics such as polyethylene are characterized by an extraordinary range of advantageous physical properties and are increasingly replacing other materials and metallic components in industry. By incorporating additional components into the plastic matrix, the material properties of our finished plastic parts can be specifically modified and “tailored” for their respective application.

Positive properties of plastic parts at a glance

Plastics are:

  • Lightweight materials – the density of most plastics is only about half that of comparable materials (e.g., light metals, glass, porcelain).
  • Non-conductors – almost all plastics insulate well against heat and electricity.
  • Resistant – not only to water, but also to many alkalis and acids.
  • Easy to clean – thanks to their smooth surface, plastic parts are particularly easy to clean.
  • Durable – prefabricated plastic parts are difficult to damage, do not oxidize and are resistant to weathering and corrosion.

Your specialist for prefabricated plastic parts

As long-standing experts in the field of plastics technology, we are able to continuously improve the characteristics of our products (e.g. mechanical strength, chemical resistance, temperature resistance or toughness) and adapt them with precision to the intended application. In this way, we produce plastic parts that are convincing in use and effortlessly withstand the given influences.

The satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority – we are happy to configure products according to your individual ideas or adapt existing articles to your wishes.

In the category of plastic prefabricated parts you can currently choose from the following products:

Wall guard - optimal protection for stressed surfaces

Our wall guard made of plastic offers the best possible protection against damage to heavily used surfaces. The ram protection is mounted slip-proof by means of screws within a very short time and is, thanks to its high impact resistance, among other things excellently suited as approach protection for walls and doors in industrial plants (e.g. warehouse technology and logistics), public buildings, (parking garages, airports, train stations) or other heavily frequented facilities.

For a perfect fit and optimum safety, we offer custom-made impact protection strips in individual shapes and dimensions. On request, the impact protection is also available in 100% recycled material.

Workbench top - extremely stable & resistant

Our range of prefabricated plastic parts also includes a sturdy plastic workbench top. Whether to protect the wooden workbench or as a new work surface in the workshop – our extremely resistant plastic plates are ideal as a stable support for the work table, shelves or load shelves. The workbench tops easily withstand heavy use, are weather and chemical resistant and can withstand several tons of load. Since plastic workbenches do not absorb liquids, unlike wooden models, they are also particularly easy to clean.

You need special sizes? No problem: the thickness and dimensions of our workbench tops can be customized on request. All worktops are also available in 100% recycled material.

Load carriers - individual production for precise protection

With our load carriers, you are guaranteed to transport components safely. For a precise fit, all plastic plates are individually manufactured and milled with the contour of the respective components; the plates are thus ideal as inserts for transport racks and boxes.

Particularly practical: the load carriers can be stacked as required (also depending on the transport container).

Plastic finished parts from LuxTek - tailor-made quality
Would you like to place an order for plastic finished parts, do you have questions about an item in our range, or perhaps you would like to customize a product to suit your individual requirements? Feel free to contact us at any time - by phone, by e-mail or in our live chat.
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