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For a stable substructure: plastic support blocks

Support blocks, also known as base stands or parking blocks, ensure that forklift trucks and machines stand securely. Support blocks made of plastic are weatherproof and extremely resilient. Thanks to their different dimensions, they compensate for differences in level, for example when forklift trucks or machines need to be set up safely.

What are the characteristics of LuxTek support blocks?

Our support blocks are characterised, among other things, by their resistance to weathering. They withstand temperatures from -80°C to +80°C. They can therefore be used both indoors and permanently outdoors. Even at very low temperatures, no damage is caused to the support blocks.

Our support blocks have holding loops with a carrying handle, which allows you a comfortable handling. For transport and storage the blocks can be stacked on a pallet or placed in a mesh box.

Place the blocks on a level surface to create a load-bearing support surface. The support blocks do not only provide a safe stand, but also protect the ground due to the larger supporting surface.

What advantages do plastic blocks offer?

Due to their material, our support blocks can be cleaned quickly and easily. Dirt deposits in the area of support technology are always a safety risk. The uncomplicated cleaning of the blocks prevents the slipping of machines, vehicles or scaffolding on the blocks. The roughened surface of the support blocks ensures a safe stand.

In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we have had an application-oriented test of the load capacity carried out by an independent testing institute. The result of this test confirms our work: The LuxTek support blocks can withstand a punctual load of maximum 25 tons. Even the large plastic support blocks weigh less than 7 kg!

Where are support blocks used?

Support blocks offer an enormous load capacity. They are therefore used in many areas of life. For example, they are used in workshops to secure vehicles. Compared to a jack, a support block has a much larger contact surface on which jacked-up cars can be securely held. Due to their enormous stability and robustness, support blocks are also mainly used on construction sites.

Possible areas of application for plastic support blocks:

  • as a load-bearing base for scaffolding
  • as an anti-tipper for trailers
  • as support for car and forklift repairs
  • as a spacer for securing the bearing
  • as a substructure for stabilisation outriggers

In addition to these areas of application, support blocks can also be used in the private sector. They are just as suitable as steps on the carcass as in the garden: the plunge pool of your garden sauna is ideally protected from weathering by plastic blocks, for example.

In which sizes are the LuxTek plastic support blocks available?

Our support blocks are available in the indicated standard sizes. In addition, we also offer custom-made support blocks. The length, width and height of the support blocks are manufactured according to your specifications.

In addition to this, we offer you the individualisation of your support blocks: On request we can mill the name of your company or a simple logo.

If you are interested in custom-made or individualized plastic support blocks, please contact us for further information and a cost estimate!