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In our assortment you will find a range of support systems as well as plates, beams and blocks for different applications and requirements. Do you need advice on the subject of support technology? Please feel free to contact our competent sales team.

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Plastic support technology - stability, steadiness and safety
for man and machine

The ground is of central importance for the safe standing of cranes and machines. To prevent sinking or tipping over, a suitable support surface must be created. Our plastic support technology ensures the safe support of construction machinery and vehicles.

What products does LuxTek support technology include?

Our range includes various support plates, plug-in plates and shims:

We also offer pressure simulations and tests upon request. Write to us or call us! We will be pleased to advise you personally.

What is the advantage of support technology made of plastic?

Support systems made of plastic are more weather-resistant than products made of steel or wood. They can withstand frost and heat and are also UV-resistant. The plastic we use is enormously resilient and low-wear, so that the plastic components are particularly durable.

Another advantage is the easy handling of the support pads, beams and blocks. They have a comparatively low dead weight and are therefore easy to transport. Cords and carrying handles provide additional convenience during use.

On a load-bearing surface, LuxTek’s plastic support technology ensures optimum hold. Our products are manufactured using a special pressing process that ensures high load-bearing capacity. We attach great importance to the quality of our products, which meet DIN and ISO standards.

What accessories are available?

The matching accessories for the plastic support pads are of course also part of our portfolio. For safe transport and easy storage, we offer matching boxes. These are made of galvanized steel, which guarantees a long service life. Like the plates themselves, the boxes are particularly weather-resistant and robust.

Another way to transport support pads safely is to use our transport holders. These can be attached to either the right or left side of your vehicle. With this holder, you can transport the plates to their place of use in no time at all and can easily access them there.

A useful addition to our slide pads are support foot locks. These are attached to the top of the slide pad and prevent the support foot from slipping. The locking devices are available for both round and square slide pads. We can equip support pads with a special support foot milling for better hold.

Are there individual solutions for plastic support technology?

We offer a range of additional functions for the individual products. For example, support pads and support blocks can be provided with a special anti-slip surface that ensures a secure hold. Spikes anchor support plates securely in the ground. Reflectors improve the visibility of the support systems in the dark.

We are happy to provide the plastic support technology with your company name, initials or a simple logo. Such marking serves the recognition of your material and theft protection. In addition, it also has an advertising effect for your company.