Outrigger pads

Outrigger pads provide excellent load distribution and create stability for vehicles and machines. The underground is not damaged in the process. The plastic plates are weather-resistant and have a long service life. If you have any questions about our plastic outrigger plates, please feel free to contact us for personal advice from our sales team.

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Optimum hold with outrigger pads made of plastic

Outrigger pads are the ideal solution when it comes to providing stability for vehicles and machines. They provide a large bearing surface and distribute the load optimally without damaging the substrate. In addition, plastic shims are weather-resistant and extremely durable.

LuxTek’s underlay, protection and container plates are made of high-quality, high-density polyethylene. The material is regularly tested for quality by TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH.

Where are outrigger pads needed?

These robust helpers are used, for example, when erecting scaffolding or containers, setting up mobile toilet facilities and sales booths, or securing caravans. Also known as protective plates or leveling plates, they compensate for uneven floors and differences in level and provide a secure hold for scaffolding and vehicles. The use of the plates prevents direct contact with the ground. Objects such as containers and scaffolding are thus insulated from the ground and protected from cold, moisture and dirt. Plastic shims are ideal for use on hard floors, such as concrete, asphalt or pavement. Indoors, they can be laid on classic hall floors.

Possible applications for our plastic outrigger pads

With our pads you manage supports of:

  • Towing vehicles
  • Trailers and utility vehicles
  • Working platforms
  • Scaffolds
  • Lifting platforms and loading cranes
  • Heavy duty cranes
  • Caravans & motor homes

What are the advantages of plastic outrigger pads?

A key feature of pads made of polyethylene is their high temperature resistance. Neither frost nor heat will damage the material. So you can use and store the plastic sheets both indoors and outdoors. Even UV radiation cannot harm the robust material.

Unlike wood, the material cannot become saturated with water or chemicals. This ensures long-term stability. The round protective panels can be easily rolled to their place of use, so they can be laid by a single person. Alternatively, they can be carried. Like our crane beams, they are equipped with holding loops and plastic handles.

What sizes are LuxTek outrigger pads available in?

Our outrigger pad Rolling is available in the specified standard sizes. Available diameters are between 590 and 1190 millimeters. The larger the diameter, the stronger the material, from 40 millimeters for the smallest plates to 80 millimeters for the largest. The support pressure ranges from 20 to 70 tons, depending on the design. Since these values are indicative, we recommend consulting before using the plates. For this purpose, it is useful to assess the surface on which they are to be used.

What customizations are possible?

As with many LuxTek products, special additional functions are possible with these panels. A roughened surface prevents the body object from slipping. For more comfortable transport, the plastic plates can also be equipped with extra handles. They can also be fitted with a metal core, spikes or reflectors.

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