Plastic ramps

Our plastic ramps offer the ideal solution for a variety of applications in the area of loading and bridging height differences of 100 – 300mm. We would also be happy to advise you on custom-made products over 300 mm – please contact our team of consultants.

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Plastic ramps from LuxTek

Our plastic loading ramps are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications for loading and leveling height differences. They are characterized by their high load capacity and extreme stability and are specially designed to maximize the safety and efficiency of your work processes. Whether on construction sites, in industry or for private use – our access ramps are versatile and offer reliable protection and support for your vehicles and machines.

Areas of application for our plastic loading ramps

With our plastic loading ramps, vehicles and construction machinery can safely overcome height differences of up to 300 mm. We also offer custom-made products over 300 mm for special requirements. Our plastic wedges are suitable for bridging smaller height differences.

Access ramps for cars

Our plastic loading ramps for cars are the perfect choice for private and commercial use. They make it easy to overcome high kerbs, garage entrances and other smaller obstacles, which makes parking and loading much easier. We recommend our wheel chocks for bridging height differences of up to 100 mm. They ensure a smooth driveway, especially for lowered vehicles or those with sensitive underbodies. Thanks to their high load-bearing capacity, the ramps provide secure support for all common car types. Their light weight and easy handling make them ideal for mobile use.

Drive-on ramps for trucks

Our plastic truck access ramps have been specially developed for heavy goods vehicles. They make it possible to safely bridge height differences between heavy trucks, vans and other large vehicles. They are particularly useful for trucks with heavy goods or machinery, as they offer a high load-bearing capacity and extreme stability. The optional grip milling ensures that the vehicles remain stable even in adverse conditions.

Access ramps for excavators and mini excavators

For use with excavators and mini-excavators, our plastic access ramps offer a particularly stable and safe way of overcoming height differences. They make it easy to drive over kerbs and other obstacles that are frequently encountered on construction sites. For difficult conditions such as mud or rain, we offer the optional grip milling, which ensures a secure hold for the machines. The carrying straps make them easy to transport and quick to deploy, making them an indispensable tool on any construction site. Their design also reduces noise pollution when driving over them, which makes for a more pleasant working environment.

Mobile plastic ramps for wheelchairs

Plastic ramps for wheelchairs are a practical and cost-effective solution for overcoming barriers in public and private areas. Due to their light weight and optional carrying straps, they are easy to transport and install, making them ideal for temporary or mobile applications. They also provide a non-slip surface that ensures safety and stability for wheelchair users.

Advantages of our loading ramps

Our loading ramps offer a number of advantages that make them indispensable equipment for numerous applications:

Easy and safe loading: our ramps enable uncomplicated and safe loading of construction machinery and vehicles onto trailers, low-loaders and many other means of transportation. Bridging thresholds and edges as well as loading and unloading roll-off containers is also effortlessly mastered.
High load capacity and extreme stability: With a load capacity of up to 50 tons on paved surfaces, our ramps are highly resilient and extremely stable. They offer the necessary safety and reliability for heavy loads.
Easy transportation: Thanks to the optional carrying straps or forklift pockets, the ramps can be easily transported and flexibly positioned at different locations. This makes frequent changes of location much easier.
Optimum grip thanks to grip milling: The optional grip milling ensures optimum grip and prevents vehicles from slipping. This ensures additional safety when driving on the ramps.Long service life: Our ramps are designed for a long service life. They are robust and resistant to wear and tear, making them a long-term investment. In addition, they are corrosion and UV resistant, which further enhances their longevity and resilience under various environmental conditions.
Protection of the machines: Using our ramps reduces the strain on the machines. They protect tires, chains and rims from damage that could be caused by improper loading.
Easy cleaning and disinfection: Plastic ramps can be cleaned and even disinfected quickly and easily, making them very versatile in industry and transportation.

Various designs for your special requirements

Our plastic ramps stand out in particular due to their high load-bearing capacity and extreme stability. Depending on the version, they can withstand loads of up to 50 tons on paved surfaces, ensuring the safe loading of your various construction machines and vehicles. They are particularly suitable for driving over existing height differences of 100 mm to 300 mm. You can also contact us for sizes beyond this. In order to meet your specific requirements, we offer our access ramps in several versions.

Plastic ramp with carrying straps

Our plastic ramps with carrying loops are particularly suitable for easy transportation and flexible handling. Thanks to the carrying loops, they are easy to carry and position, making them ideal for construction projects where the ramps need to be frequently repositioned and used in different locations.

Plastic ramp with carrying straps

Plastic ramp with platform

Our plastic ramp with platform is particularly suitable for applications where safety and stability are crucial. The flat surface at the upper end provides additional support and stability for vehicles and machines, which is particularly advantageous during maintenance work or when the ramp is stationary for long periods. Handling heavy loads is simplified by the flat surface of the platform, as they do not have to be constantly held on the slope.

plastic ramps with platform

Plastic ramp with forklift pockets

The version with forklift pockets is particularly suitable for quick and easy transportation with forklifts. Thanks to the integrated forklift pockets, the ramps can be picked up and moved safely and stably, making it easier to change locations frequently. This feature enables efficient storage and quick readiness for use in various industrial environments such as warehouses, production facilities and construction sites. The safe pick-up by the forklift pockets minimizes the risk of accidents during transport and reduces physical effort. In addition, the ramps can be flexibly moved to different locations within a work area to meet the respective requirements. In contrast to the two upper variants, this version is more suitable for lighter construction machinery.

Plastic ramp with forklift pockets