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Our plastic slide pads create a stable substructure and thus ensure the stability of cranes, vehicles and construction machinery. Would you like personal advice on our product range or would you like a custom-made product for your application? Then please feel free to contact us.

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Plastic slide pads - support foot for cranes

If cranes and construction machinery are not adequately secured, dangerous situations can arise. Our plastic slide pads prevent dicey situations. The point load of crane feet and support feet is distributed over the entire surface of the plastic plates. This creates a stable substructure that prevents sinking into the ground.

Fields of application of the slide pads

Slide pads are used wherever the stability of cranes, vehicles and machines must be ensured. The plug-in plates increase the bearing surface so that the load is better distributed. In this way, damage to the ground is minimized and stability is increased.

What are the advantages of plastic slide pads ?

Plastic is lighter than other common materials such as wood and steel. In addition, the material is extremely resistant and has an enormous load-bearing capacity. Depending on the design, the slide pads can bear a weight of up to 30 tons. As a user, you benefit from the durability of our plastic products, which are low-wear and unbreakable.

Their comparatively low dead weight ensures convenient handling of the slide pads. They can be moved easily, so that laying can be done quickly. Holding loops with a handle promise a high level of comfort during use. Another advantage of plastic is its weather resistance. Neither frost nor heat can harm the material. Our plug-in plates can withstand temperatures between -80°C and +80°C without being damaged. Since they do not absorb any liquid, they can also be used in the rain without any problems.

We use high-density polyethylene for our support and slide pads. The components are manufactured using a special pressing process that ensures high load-bearing capacity. Our products meet the requirements of common DIN and ISO standards. As we as a manufacturer attach great importance to the quality of our support plates, the material is subjected to regular tests.

What accessories are available for LuxTek slide pads?

You can achieve additional support and even more safety with the locking for crane legs with which our slide pads can be equipped. This is attached to the top of the plate so that the object to be assembled can be additionally secured. The support foot lock is available for both the square and round versions of LuxTek pegboard plates.

This means that the plug-in plate can also easily remain on the support foot and be moved with it, so that no repositioning is required. This only applies to an application where it is necessary to move more often.

On request, we can supply LuxTek slide pads in a set with matching metal holders for mounting on your vehicle. The holders are available as right and left holders. They are fully galvanized and resistant to frost and heat. Quality Made in Germany!

The advantages of our locking for crane legs

  • Suitable for all common vehicle frames
  • Safe transport
  • Easy and quick removal of the slide pads
  • Space-saving storage

How can plastic slide pads be individualized?

As for most of our products, we also offer special designs for our slide pads. Your milled company name or logo on the plug-in plate serves on the one hand to protect against theft and on the other hand offers an advertising effect.

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