Lux Basic PE-HMW UV

Semi-finished product ~0,5 Mio. g/Mol UV-stabilized
  • 100% recycled
  • molecular weight of approx. 500,000 g/mol
  • additional UV stabilization
  • high light fastness
  • good wear resistance
  • good dimensional stability
  • good sliding properties
  • resistant to alkalis and acids

Common applications are in the food or chemical industry, plastic milled parts made of PE-HMW UV are used here mainly in mechanical and plant engineering.

It is available in various lightfast RAL colors (see color chart).

For details: see table “LuxTek semi-finished products in comparison” below. ⬇️

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Important data

LuxTek semi-finished products in comparison

Features* Lux Basic
Lux Pro Lux Premium
Molecular weight ~ 0,5 Mio. g/Mol ~ 1-4 Mio. g/Mol >5 Mio. g/Mol
Sliding properties good very good very good
Abrasion/wear resistance good very good excellent
Shock absorption and impact damping good excellent very good
food approved EU / FDA we recommend the hygienic plate “Clean” for use in the use in the areas of food and medicine
UV-stable / lightfast with addition “UV” yes, partly also AST/ATEX
antistatic (suitable for electrical engineering) with addition “AST”
ATEX conform (ATEX95 standard) with addition “ATEX”
RAL colors / color requests possible for all semi-finished products with the addition of “UV

*) Our products are DIN/ISO certified and undergo regular internal and external testing procedures.

Benefits of Lux Basic PE-HMW UV


  • additionally UV-stabilized and therefore especially suitable for outdoor use (lightfast)
  • available in many RAL colors
  • good sliding properties
  • good abrasion and wear resistance

The LuxTek quality promise


  • regular internal and external quality controls
  • certified according to DIN and ISO
  • EU and FDA approved

For details see table “LuxTek semi-finished products in comparison”.

Fields of application


  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Food industry (EU and FDA approved)
  • Chemical industry
  • etc.


Plastic milled parts from PE-UHMW
  • Ram protection strips
  • Conveyor belts
  • Cutting boards
  • and much more
Lux Basic PE-HMW UV
Semi-finished product ~0,5 Mio. g/Mol UV-stabilized