Seating group Classic

Bench-table combination with backrest

Our Classic seating group is a bench-table combination made of plastic with a metal frame and consists of two benches with backrests and the matching table.

  • 2 benches, 1 table (can also be purchased separately)
  • Weatherproof and extremely robust: for permanent outdoor installation
  • Made in Germany
  • Sturdy construction made of plastic and galvanized steel
  • Dimensions: L 1800 x W 1840 x H 720 mm

Since it is a recycled material, the color scheme may differ from the product images.

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The plastic bench is also available for purchase separately. The park bench can be used as a seat for rest and relaxation or together with the matching table as a bench for a social gathering. However, outdoor benches not only provide comfortable seating in private green spaces, they are also a visual enhancement in public facilities.

Comfort and hygiene

The comfortable resting bench has a particularly comfortable seat, the high backrest also makes it comfortable for a longer time out. Due to its length of 180 cm, it also offers space for two people in times of corona measures, if the recommended distance from each other is to be observed. Seat height and table height have been matched so that you can arrange a cozy picnic at the bench table combination. The table surface as well as the seating surfaces made of high-molecular pressed plastic do not splinter or become porous, unlike wood. The outdoor seating group is very easy to clean. Dirt does not settle on the surfaces. An all-around hygienic affair, no matter what the environment.


Thanks to its resilient material, the bench is suitable e.g. as a seat in parks, on playgrounds or along hiking trails, but also as a garden bench for the private home. In combination with the plastic table, it becomes a group bench for campsites or even for the rest area, recreational park and the local clubhouse.

Hard times for vandalism

The table-bench combination is particularly interesting for municipalities that have already had to deal with vandalism of seating groups in parks, at youth hostels and on their rest areas and playgrounds. The Classic seating group is made of extremely robust and easy-care HMW plastic. The material is not only impact resistant, but can even be cleaned of spray paint with suitable cleaner. Graffiti and similar smearings can thus be removed quickly and inexpensively. Of course, the outdoor furniture can be secured against theft, because their metal frames can be screwed to the ground. Also firewood collectors have of course little interest in the dismantling of a plastic bench. Thus, your municipal facilities will remain permanently beautiful and provide a pleasant image for your citizens.

Technical details


Total dimensions
L 1800 x W 1840 x H 720 mm
Seat dimensions L 1800 x W 420 x H 470 mm
Table top dimensions L 1800 x W 1000 x H 720 mm
Plate thickness 20 mm
Application area Indoor and outdoor
Frame color gray
Frame material galvanized steel
Surface color Confetti (multicolored) or black
Surface material pressed plastic


The sturdy seats and backrests as well as the table top are made of pressed PE-HD plastic and thus guarantee durability. The material is weather resistant and does not fade even in high sunlight (UV stable). Both the table frame and the frames of the benches (all of which can be screwed into the ground) are made of galvanized steel and are therefore ideally suited for year-round use in outdoor facilities.

Cleaning instructions:
All elements of the seating group are easy to clean: conventional solvent-free cleaning agents, water and an absorbent cloth are sufficient to clean the bench. Coarse dirt can also be removed with a high-pressure cleaner – the surface does not absorb water. An all-round hygienic affair, whatever the environment.

Seating group Classic
Bench-table combination with backrest