Lux Premium PE-UHMW UV

Semi-finished product ~9 Mio. g/Mol UV-stabil
  • molecular weight of ~ 9 million g/mol
  • our highest quality UV-stable plastic semi-finished sheet
  • meets the highest demands
  • wear resistance is again significantly increased compared to Lux Pro semi-finished product (~5 million g/mol)

The semi-finished product is frequently used in transport and conveyor technology, in mechanical engineering and in the chemical industry, in each case in the areas where the loads are highest.

For details: see table “LuxTek semi-finished products in comparison” below.⬇️


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Important data

LuxTek semi-finished products in comparison

Features* Lux Basic
Lux Pro Lux Premium
Molecular weight ~ 0,5 Mio. g/Mol ~ 1-4 Mio. g/Mol >5 Mio. g/Mol
Sliding properties good very good very good
Abrasion/wear resistance good very good excellent
Shock absorption and impact damping good excellent very good
food approved EU / FDA we recommend the hygienic plate “Clean” for use in the use in the areas of food and medicine
UV-stable / lightfast with addition “UV” yes, partly also AST/ATEX
antistatic (suitable for electrical engineering) with addition “AST”
ATEX conform (ATEX95 standard) with addition “ATEX”
RAL colors / color requests possible for all semi-finished products with the addition of “UV


*) Our products are DIN/ISO certified and undergo regular internal and external testing procedures.

Benefits of Lux Premium PE-UHMW UV

  • very good sliding properties
  • very good shock and impact absorption
  • very high abrasion and wear resistance


The LuxTek quality promise

  • regular internal and external quality controls
  • certified according to DIN and ISO
  • EU and FDA approved


For details see table “LuxTek semi-finished products in comparison”.

Fields of application


Industries Hersteller und Händler
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Food industry (EU and FDA approved)
Plastic milled parts from PE-UHMW
  • Ram protection strips
  • Conveyor belts
Lux Premium PE-UHMW UV
Semi-finished product ~9 Mio. g/Mol UV-stabil