Slide pad round

for particularly secure hold
  • Loadable up to 25 tons
  • Temperature resistance -80°C to +80 °C
  • No water absorption
  • Colors: black and multicolored
  • Available as 100% recycled material
  • Special dimensions on request
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Important data

item number item weight support pressure
(surface load) 1
SPR308 Slide pad LuxTek Performance, round Ø 300 x 80 mm approx. 2,6 kg 8 t
SPR408 Slide pad LuxTek Performance, round Ø 400 x 80 mm approx. 5,0 kg 15 t
SPR508 Slide pad LuxTek Performance, round Ø 500 x 80 mm approx. 9,0 kg 20 t
SPR608 Slide pad LuxTek Performance, round Ø 600 x 80 mm approx. 14,9 kg 25 t

1 All load data depend, i.a. on factors such as temperature, soil class, soil properties, soil bearing capacity, contact areas, dynamics & direction of force application. Before use, we recommend a professional assessment of the soil bearing capacity by the user or a soil analysis by a surveyor or expert.

Exact measurements in mm

item number D1 A B C H S
SPR308 300 120 200 30 80 30
SPR408 400 120 235 30 80 30
SPR508 500 120 255 30 80 30
SPR608 600 110 210 30 80 30


Steckplatte Performance rund Abmessungen Steckplatte Performance rund Höhenabmessungen

Advantages of Performance slide pads

  • Easy laying due to low dead weight
  • Optimal hold
  • Highly loadable and extremely stable (up to 30 tons on paved underground)
  • Long service life – break-proof and wear-resistant
  • Easy transport in suitable boxes
  • Machines are less strained

Features of Performance slide pads

  • Plastic PE-HMW/UHMW
  • Available as 100% recycled material
  • Produced in press procedure, Made in Germany
  • High quality according to DIN EN ISO 15527
  • Plasticizers-free
  • High temperature resistance (-80 °C to +80 °C)
  • Weatherproof, resistant to heat and frost, UV-resistant
  • Continuous material control – pressure tests by TÜV “Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH”
  • Special designs possible, e.g. name/logo milling, extra handles

Fields of application


  • working platforms
  • tow trucks

  • loading cranes and lifting
  • fire brigade / technical service vehicles

  • trailers and commercial vehicles


Steckplatte rund schwarz mit Halter links

Holder for left

Steckplatte rund schwarz mit Halter rechts

Holder for right


LuxTek slide pads are also available in a cost-effective set, i.e. slide pad with a fully galvanized metal holder. The holders are available for mounting on the vehicle as both right-hand and left-hand holders.

Advantages and benefits of LuxTek slide pad holders

  • space saving storage
  • suitable for all common vehicle frames
  • secure hold on the vehicle
  • easy and fast assembly of the slide pads
  • easy and safe transport

Features of LuxTek slide pads holders

  • fully galvanized metal holder
  • Made in Germany
  • high quality manufacturing
  • no weathering, resistant to heat and frost
Steckplatte rund
Slide pad round
for particularly secure hold

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