Wall guard

Optimal protection of loaded surfaces

Reliably protect your walls, door frames, equipment, furniture and other stressed surfaces from damage and avoid high maintenance and repair costs. In contrast to conventional solutions made of wood or metal, our impact protection solution made of high-quality, high-molecular-weight polyethylene offers significant material-related advantages. LuxTek ramming and impact protection features high durability and extreme impact resistance while being cost effective.

  • Easy to install due to pre-drilled holes, bolting with standard countersunk screws
  • Available in customized dimensions, as strips or sheets
    with rounded edges
  • Available as stock items in black and colorful confetti
  • Made from high molecular weight polyethylene
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Important data

20 mm thickness

item number item weight
WRS198520020 LuxTek Wall guard 1985x200x20 mm approx. 7,5 kg

Advantages of our wall guard

  • Extremely robust and impact resistant: Very high impact resistance for a long service life
  • Easy-care and low-maintenance: Easy-to-clean surface with standard cleaning agents, resistant to greases, oils, closed surface: no moisture absorption and therefore very hygienic (also in comparison to wood)
  • Cold resistance up to -80 °C: suitable for cold chambers and cold stores
  • Physiologically harmless in the food industry
  • Weather resistant and UV stable
  • The matching corner protection/edge protection and skirting boards are also available for particularly heavily used and frequented areas

Fields of application

The impact protection ensures protection for a wide range of elements and areas, including walls, doors, shelves, counters, cars and much more. This is particularly relevant for heavily used surfaces e.g. in


  • Food processing industry: slaughterhouses, cold storage and warehouses
  • Shopping centers and supermarkets
  • Hospitals and nursing homes, laboratories
  • Airports and railroad stations
  • Industrial and commercial enterprises: wall and building protection in the path area of forklifts
  • Parking garages and hotels
  • Equipment of transport trolleys
Wall ram protection
Wall guard
Optimal protection of loaded surfaces