PE-UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight)

PE-UHMW, also known as PE 1000, is characterized by particularly high wear resistance and excellent sliding properties. The plastic is particularly tough, which is why it is used as a material in many industries. In modern mechanical and plant engineering, for example, it is indispensable – the components used there have to withstand strong mechanical and corrosive stresses, which is the case with PE 1000-UHMW, which also withstands temperatures of up to minus 200 degrees. But the plastic is also used in many other areas of application, such as transport and conveyor technology and port construction, so that it can easily be described as a true all-rounder.

PE-UHMW Pulver

The versatile properties of PE 1000-UHMW

PE-UHMW stands for Polyethylene Ultra High Molecular Weight. The plastic is characterized by its high molecular weight of 1 to 9 million g/mol, which brings with it some special properties. Above all, its high wear resistance, extreme impact strength and good sliding properties are what make the plastic so popular in various industries. After all, the higher the molecular weight of PE plastics, the more wear-resistant and impact-resistant they are. This robustness makes UHMW PE plastic ideal for general mechanical engineering, materials handling or lining technology. Other positive properties such as chemical resistance, very low moisture absorption and physiological harmlessness also make it suitable for many other areas of application.

The most important properties of PE 1000 at a glance:

  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
  • Average density of 0.93 g/cm³
  • High molecular mass of 1 to 9 million g/mol
  • High impact and flexural strength
  • Excellent impact strength, highest notched impact strength of the polyethylenes
  • Very good sliding properties
  • Very high abrasion and wear resistance
  • Very good shock and impact absorption
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Food safe
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High toughness and stiffness
  • Good cut resistance
  • Good noise insulation
  • Excellent cold resistance (down to -200 degrees Celsius)
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Available from us as 100% recycled material

PE-UHMW - essential in many industries

PE-Ultra High Molecular Weight has the toughest properties of all polyethylenes. PE 1000, for example, is even more wear-resistant than PE 500, which, together with its very good sliding properties and high impact strength, makes this plastic a tried-and-tested material in mechanical and plant engineering, where materials have to withstand the highest loads.

Automated processes around the clock are also essential in the paper industry, vehicle construction or conveyor technology, which is why durable and break-resistant materials are indispensable. PE-UHMW is predestined for machine elements and structural parts that are exposed to high friction wear, high impact energy and aggressive media, for example in transport and conveyor technology or in the paper industry. Troughs, silos or hoppers are also lined with this material.

Its physiological compatibility also makes PE 1000 a proven material in the food industry and in the manufacture of products that come into contact with food.

Overview of application areas

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Construction industry
  • Power engineering
  • Transport and conveyor technology
  • Vehicle construction
  • Paper industry
  • Lining technology
  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Sports and leisure

LuxTek - your reliable partner
for the production of PE-UHMW solutions

As an experienced expert in plastics technology, we are aware of the high demands placed on materials in various industries.

All materials are produced using the sinter pressing process in compliance with specially coordinated pressing cycles and enable the production of large plastic sheets without a weld seam. Compared to the conventional standard sinter pressing process or extrusion, this process guarantees a stress-free inner structure.

Through specific modifications, we can also adjust the properties of the end product so that it perfectly fits your requirements. For example, PE-UHMW, which is milky white in its original form, can easily be produced in different colors and its functionality can be enhanced with the help of additives.


LuxTek is a family-owned company founded in 2004 and based in Saarland, Germany, which offers plastics technology from its own production made in Germany. We offer products made of PE 1000-UHMW and other qualities in high quality sinter pressing process, which you can rely on. We have the right PE plastic for every need – individual customer requests and joint product developments are also possible.

All working processes at our company are certified according to ISO 9000:2015, which underlines the very good quality. Since sustainability and environmental compatibility are close to our hearts, you can also obtain our products as 100% recycled material. Contact us now – if needed, we will be happy to help you find the optimal solution for your requirements.

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