LuxTek Kreislaufwirtschaft

The idea behind it

The idea of the circular economy is simple: waste is avoided by reusing existing products, thus extending the life cycle again and again.

For the plastics industry, this is both an opportunity and a challenge.  Plastic still has a bad image and is regarded as a polluter – but as people become more aware of the environment and nature, their understanding of the proper use of our resources is also increasing. This is accompanied by an increased sense of duty with regard to the production of waste and its proper separation. But we are still at the beginning of sustainability and need to do more.


Recycling at LuxTek

Why not make everything from recycled material? The answer to this is simple: on the one hand, the availability of recycled material depends to a large extent on how many products have been added to the market that can be recycled. This number fluctuates and therefore – still – a steady and guaranteed amount of recycled raw material is not always guaranteed.

On the other hand, there are also applications in which the material composition must be 100 % known – in other words, it must be clear what is inside the material. This is not always comprehensible with recycled material that comes from all over the world. One example is the food industry. If the plastic is in direct contact with food to be consumed, it must be known which components are contained in the plastic. Of course, these must not be substances that are hazardous to health.


100 % recycled plastic

How to recognize LuxTek products made from 100 % recycled material? To help our customers identify our 100% recycled material products, we have marked them with an appropriate logo.

Recycling Logo LuxTek

What does the LuxTek Recycling Logo mean?

This logo is an invention of LuxTek and is only used by us for products where it is ensured that all plastic parts consist of 100 % recycled plastics. For this purpose, we ask the material suppliers and manufacturers to provide us with appropriate proofs and we also check them on a regular basis. Other parts that are not made of plastic can also be made of recycled materials, but they do not have to be. Accordingly, our logo does not refer to other materials.


Curious about more?

If you would like to learn more about Luxtek and our ideas and thoughts on sustainability, we invite you to take a look at our “Vision”.

Our Vision
LuxTek Vision