Research and development

Research & Development

LuxTek is constantly striving to develop and present innovative solutions. This does not work without healthy curiosity as well as the ability to implement.

We actively work on research and development to provide our customers with innovative processes and products. Our focus is not on concepts that are out of touch with the market and unrealistic, but clearly on current customer problems that are crying out for a solution. Research & development today secures our advance for tomorrow as well.



Solutions made of plastics

In order to permanently improve and further develop ourselves and our products, or to take completely new paths, we work on numerous ideas and concepts with our team and our modern laboratory.

State-of-the-art additives and compositions are used, for example, to create even better material mixtures and to tailor our products to customer requirements. We also think around corners and research the combination of different materials.

Since fresh impulses from outside are never a disadvantage, we also work closely with universities, thus combining practical experience from the market with a facultative approach.

New products, new materials, production challenges, optimizations – all no problem. LuxTek is well positioned and ready to tackle problems!


We will be happy to advise you

Whether you want to produce an existing product more economically and sustainably, or have an idea for a new development, we can help you develop and work out the process and material selection.