Plastic road and floor protection plates as grond protection for construction sites

How do you manage to drive heavy construction site vehicles over green areas without leaving destructive marks?

Rough terrain and unpaved surfaces are not uncommon on construction sites. Likewise, construction equipment often leaves additional damage from tires and support feet of vehicles and cranes on the site.

These problems can be solved with driving and ground protection plates. Mobile construction roads on construction sites and the like can be created quickly and without great effort. The time-consuming problems of vehicles sinking in and getting stuck, as well as unsightly ruts, can thus be quickly eliminated.

What is the advantage of plastic compared to steel?

Plastic plates are easier to transport than steel plates due to their low dead weight. Depending on the model, they can support weights of up to 300 tons and offer ideal load distribution.

Other advantages:

  • lighter than steel plates
  • no sharp edges
  • flexible and resistant to bending at the same time
  • durable because protected against weathering
  • enormously resilient and wear-resistant
  • resistant to heat and frost, UV-resistant
  • extremely break resistant
  • resistant to acids and chemicals
  • easy to clean

Connecting plastic plates together

Special connectors for road and floor protection plates ensure that the individual plates are held securely in place. With the connectors, the plates can be connected to each other and fixed to the ground if necessary. They differ in shape and also in materials. This makes the connectors suitable not only for different purposes, but also for different substrates.

Who needs plastic driving plates?

The road and floor protection plates are not only used by construction companies and municipalities, but also more and more often by private individuals and event organizers.

  • garden and landscaping contractors
  • manufacturers and users of cranes and construction machinery
  • structural, civil and earthwork engineers
  • event organizers
  • renters of working platforms
  • municipalities

Buy plastic road and floor protection plates

  • environmentally friendly
  • more safety on construction sites
  • surface and soil protection
  • durable and weather independent
  • quick assembly and disassembly
  • cost savings
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