Plastic road mats


As is well known, things are not always treated squeamishly on the construction site – this also applies to the subsoil, which is heavily loaded or even destroyed without appropriate protection. With the plastic road mats from LuxTek, you protect sensitive ground and give heavy equipment safe ground. Thanks to the low weight, laying and connecting the road plates as well as transporting them to the site is a piece of cake.



What are road mats?

Our road mats are flat ground plates made of plastic that can be easily connected to each other. Their high load-bearing capacity makes them ideal for protecting sensitive substrates from damage caused by heavy construction vehicles such as excavators. The compact dimensions and low weight make it possible to place the plates within a short time and combine them with each other via screw hooks or connectors.

Damage to the subfloor does not only occur on construction sites. Events with many visitors also put the ground to a real stress test. Here, our plastic road mats enable the rapid construction of barrier-free walkways and driveways, so that vehicles can also park on otherwise uneven or difficult-to-pave surfaces.

LuxTek’s ground plates can be roughly divided into two categories, ground protection plates and road plates. Ground protection is about preventing major damage to the ground and protecting people and vehicles. In addition to surface protection, our product portfolio also covers support technology, such as support pads or outrigger pads for supports and standing feet that would sink into the ground without a corresponding mat.

Fields of application of our road mats

Our road mats can be used in a variety of ways and are true all-rounders when it comes to securing subsoils. Common areas of use are:

  • Trade (such as markets and exhibition areas)
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Construction and trades industry
  • Events of all type

LuxTek road plates are ideal for creating temporary paths to be constructed at short term on surfaces that would otherwise be too unsafe. The attractive and non-slip surface allows for safe driving and walking even in adverse weather conditions.

Another advantage of our plastic road mats is that they effectively prevent vehicles from “getting stuck”, which can happen quickly, especially in bad weather.


Surface and service life

We at LuxTek know that our plastic panels are rather rarely used in protected and heated interiors. Accordingly, especially because of the plastic used, they offer the advantage of being resistant to all conceivable weather conditions. Thus, you can use the plate in the summer heat as well as in the rainy autumn or in sub-zero temperatures in winter. The load-bearing capacity also remains the same in all cases, so there is no need to replace road mats that have already been laid.

Especially in winter and on rainy days, the slip resistance of the plates and the lanes built with them, for example during pipeline construction, is particularly important. This is because precise work with highly sensitive machinery and components requires an absolutely stable and non-slip surface, which we ensure via various plates structures:

  • Plates without structure offer low slip resistance and are thus suitable mainly for use in summer.
  • Fine-textured road mats offer a middle ground between no structure and coarse structure.
  • By purchasing a coarse-textured road mat, you are opting for maximum slip resistance.

The plastics used also prevent weathering, which occurs very quickly with wooden panels, for example. Compared to classic steel plates, LuxTek excavator mats also have the advantage of low weight and simple installation. Theoretically, you can combine any number of driving plates with the help of the connectors available in the store and thus create a continuous surface.

Optimal load distribution of the road mats

With our road mats, you can create highly stable bases even in places that are actually hardly loadable or not loadable to the desired extent. This is made possible by the first-class load distribution, which, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 200 tons per plate, increases additionally with each further connected base plate. This means that even the installation of wind turbines, where several cranes are needed in addition to trucks with loaded components, is no problem.

The advantages of the good load distribution also become clear in the case of a permanent load, for example due to events or the parking of construction equipment. While the equipment set up without a plate would sink in over time and thus damage the subsoil, with the heavy-duty plates it remains safely in place even in pouring rain.


Advantages of our road mats

With the purchase of plastic road mats and heavy duty mats, you as a customer benefit in many areas. On the one hand, you create additional safety for yourself, your personnel and, if necessary, customers who are on the premises. On the other hand, you prevent damage to other people’s property.

An overview of the main advantages of our road mats:

  • Long service life and excellent weather resistance, which also allow for long-term use in place for several years.
  • Easy and simple installation due to the low weight, connection can be made in a few simple steps.
  • Earth hooks can be ordered, with which you create an additional fixture in the ground.
  • On uneven surfaces, you can cost-effectively create barrier-free and safe driveways for commercial vehicles of all kinds.
  • Reduction or avoidance of repair and other additional costs that arise, for example, from the recovery of stuck construction vehicles.
  • Variable application options and good transportability: Simply take your driving plates to the next construction site or event!


Buy or rent?

If you decide to purchase our road mats, it is best to order one or more storage boxes and the required connectors directly. Buying a set saves you money and prevents the inconvenient re-ordering of forgotten components.


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