Rubber mats: the use in animal husbandry


As an owner of horses or other animals, you are very familiar with various problems. Be it cold and uneven surfaces, the more difficult cleaning or a higher risk of injury for humans and animals – without perfectly fitting mats, the work in the stable is unnecessarily complicated and can become a torment for humans and animals. With the rubber mats from LuxTek you solve several problems at once.

Areas of application of the rubber mats

Our rubber mats are perfect for use in horse stalls or other steel areas. Non-slip stable mats from LuxTek protect the ground on the one hand due to the even load distribution. On the other hand, they secure the floor and prevent slipping in muddy conditions, for example. The low weight and the simple connection of several plates allow the uncomplicated placement and assembly of the rubber mats. In this way, you can set up closed rubber floors in just a few steps, making stall maintenance much easier. Rubber floors also provide better walking comfort, even for animals.

This results in numerous areas of application:

  • Animal husbandry in general, for example for stable floors or for the design of entrance areas. Rubber mats are also useful in open stables or outdoor stalls.
  • Outdoor events, such as exhibitions and markets
  • Garden and yard
  • Larger events with many visitors


Material of our rubber mats

At LuxTek you can find mats with flat surface and various rubber mats with nubs. Both offer their individual advantages and disadvantages, but also have various common features. These include the material used (vulcanized rubber), which brings numerous advantages for you and your animals.

These include, for example, water impermeability. With our rubber sheets, you create a safe and non-slip surface that does not lose stability even in heavy rain. In flat areas of the stable, where water could otherwise get inside, you create an additional barrier with LuxTek’s stall mats, so that your and your animals’ feet stay dry.

Another benefit is the durability. Our rubber mats have a lifespan of over ten years with normal use, making them a lucrative purchase. The low wear and tear also eliminates the need for cumbersome conversion and set-up work in the barn. You simply lay out the mats in the desired locations, connect them together, and leave them in place for the desired period of time.

In addition, the rubber mats for horses are very easy to clean, so even major soiling from feces or urine is not really a problem. And even if the cleaning should turn out to be more extensive: The high resistance of the material also allows treatment with a high-pressure cleaner.

Our mats are very easy to lay on a level subfloor and at the same time act as footfall and noise protection. Even if the barn has not caused any noise so far, or only a little, with LuxTek’s versatile rubber mats there will be peace for good. The shock-absorbing effect also protects the bones and joints of your animals.


Save money with rubber mats

The use of rubber mats in animal husbandry has various economic advantages. This is because you save cash on heating costs thanks to the excellent insulation, which is particularly important in winter. On the other hand, you need about 50 percent less litter, which in turn leads to a reduction in manure and thus costs.

Joint injuries are one of the more common problems in horses. To prevent slipping in the stable aisle or horse stalls and the associated joint damage, you will also find rubber mats with a studded surface in LuxTek’s range. They ensure much better slip resistance than smooth mats and are a good investment for even better protection of your animals.


Rubber mats for construction

Ground mats made of a wide variety of materials are also used in the construction and trades sector to provide optimum protection for people and machinery. At the same time, they are particularly useful here for the construction of mobile construction roads, temporary parking spaces or temporary parking areas, for example for construction vehicles. They also enable the creation of a storage area and make the construction site a little less dependent on the weather.

Here, too, the protection of the ground is one of the main considerations. After all, as the builder, you bear the full risk of any damage you or your team leave on the ground. You avoid this by using versatile floor plates from day one.


Buying rubber mats: What we offer

By choosing LuxTek’s rubber mats, you will benefit from a wide range of advantages, especially the expert and customer-oriented advice provided by our experienced sales team. In doing so, we offer you:

  • Everything from a single source: we advise you, manufacture the ordered plates and deliver them to the desired destination.
  • Attractive discounts: We also offer many plates as a set, for example together with an appropriate transport box. Here you can save quite a bit compared to buying them individually.
  • Precisely fitting: Our diverse range includes the right floor plate for every purpose. Feel free to take a look around!

In addition to rubber mats for horses, pigs and co., you will find various driving plates and floor protection plates in the LuxTek store, for example for longer construction sites or the assembly of technical equipment. Here, too, we will be happy to advise you!


Advantages of the rubber mats

The LuxTek rubber mats offer numerous advantages. We have summarized the most important points for you once again:

  • Our rubber mats can be walked on and can even be driven on due to their high load-bearing capacity, provided that the surface has the necessary stability for this purpose
  • The high slip resistance makes the mats predestined for use in entrance areas and near the exits and entrances, as this is where the most wetness and thus the greatest risk of injury exists.
  • Rubber mats provide excellent footfall protection and are gentle on the subfloor.
  • They are easy to clean and resistant to most liquids
  • The puzzle connection allows for easy installation and stable joining of multiple tiles
  • Rubber mats with studs offer the additional advantage of maximum slip resistance. All plates are also suitable for outdoor use.
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