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Nowadays, more often than ever, the need for large parking areas arises in the short to medium term, for example to temporarily store cars or to create parking areas for events. Depending on the soil and weather conditions, access roads and parking areas may not be easily accessible or passable. Special precautions are also necessary when the subsoil requires special protection. The solution for both cases: A temporary parking lot made of high-quality road plates. Effective surface protection for a temporary parking lot you can rely on: LuxTek offers you robust, flexible solutions. For your temporary parking lot, rely on plastic road plates that have proven themselves in everyday use. Our products are suitable for many situations.

Features of LuxTek road plates

A temporary parking lot places special demands on the material used for this purpose:

  • Load capacity & load distribution: Road plates from the LuxTek range are characterized by a high load capacity. This varies depending on the model, so you will always find exactly the right product for your purposes. Optimal load distribution ensures that your temporary parking lot provides secure footing and protects the ground.
  • Robustness: To ensure that even heavy vehicles can drive onto the temporary parking lot safely and without damaging the ground, the driving plates used must be particularly robust. Our products ensure exactly that through high quality and well thought-out development. Our paving slabs create an access road or temporary parking area that meets the highest requirements in terms of material and functionality.
  • Durability: No matter on which surface and no matter in which weather conditions – driving plates for your temporary parking lot should perform well for a long time. So you can use the products not only for a single project, but permanently.
  • Flexibility: With our driving plates you remain flexible. These models made of plastic allow you to reposition a temporary parking lot quickly and easily when needed. The low dead weight of the moving plates as well as our matching transport boxes allow for easy transport in the process.



Your specialist for ground protection

LuxTek driving plates are ideal for a temporary parking lot, but can also be used in many other areas. At events or in gardening and landscaping, our products perform well.

As a specialist for ground protection, we also offer you high-quality ground protection mats and heavy-duty plates in addition to our road plates. In the area of support technology, we also provide you with products that are specially designed for securing crane vehicles, trucks, work platforms, construction machinery, mobile homes and more.

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