Temporary roadway mats


The ground on construction sites is often uneven, and bad weather conditions make unpaved access roads difficult to drive on. With temporary roadway mats you create a temporary protection of the subsoil and prevent vehicles and machines from getting stuck. This keeps their use on the construction site efficient. Another advantage is that the roadway mats directly indicate the way to the construction site, even if roadways are initially difficult to recognize.



Temporary roadway mats: Versatile and short-term usable

LuxTek plastic mats are designed for a wide variety of uses, but they all serve to protect ground and its trafficability by construction machinery. With a plastic ground protection system, you can create access roads and parking areas, secure dangerous areas in the construction area or lay an event floor. Last is recommended in stadiums, for example, where the subsoil quickly becomes a hazard during large events and simultaneous weather conditions. This is even more the case in winter.

Advantages of our mobile construction roads

Mobile construction roads made of plastic driving plates have decisive advantages over their wooden or steel counterparts:

  • The laying, installation, dismantling and transport of site road mats are significantly less complicated compared to wooden or steel slabs. The low weight makes a significant contribution to this. This not only saves you logistics costs, but also makes it possible to lay them without the need for large machinery.
  • LuxTek plastic driving plates are extremely weather resistant and can be used in summer as well as in winter. It is not absolutely necessary to remove the plates regularly – thus a permanent use as construction road, parking lot, for the protection of green areas or as subsoil for the construction of stages and co. is also possible.
  • Mobile construction roads have a load capacity of up to 200 tons, depending on the design and condition of the subsoil, and enable first-class load distribution. They are therefore also suitable as access roads for the construction of energy parks, the assembly of wind power plants or for the use of heavy crane vehicles.
  • Due to the elasticity of the material, our plastic driving plates are extremely break-resistant, but at the same time provide the necessary stability under even load.
  • The plastic used (polyethylene; PE-HD) is resistant to most chemicals and acids. At the same time, our products are free of plasticizers so as not to unnecessarily burden the substrate.

The above-mentioned advantages are only a part of the comprehensive plus points that plastic plates have over mobile construction roads made of metal and wood. They ensure safety in a wide variety of situations; on construction sites, for the protection of sensitive green areas as well as forest paths – at the same time, the plastic panels remain transportable and suitable for heavy loads.


Fields of application and material

Our plastic roadway plates belong to the category of “ground protection”, i.e. they are mainly designed for the preservation and protection of the subsoil. Therefore, the roadway plates make sense in any situation where the corresponding surfaces would suffer significant damage without additional protection. The following situations are examples:

  • Construction sites: Here, unsurfaced ground in particular creates numerous problems for the users of construction machinery. An unstable surface significantly slows down work progress, vehicles can sink in and get stuck in the ground. With LuxTek’s plastic paving slabs, you can provide a remedy. Construction road slabs made of plastic can be used in all weather conditions and transform uneven meadows, fields and building plots into drivable access roads and surfaces.
  • Weather: When carrying out construction work outdoors, you can never completely rule out cloudbursts, rain and, depending on the season, even snowfall. A level surface makes a significant contribution to the safety of everyone involved.
  • Access roads, parking and laydown areas: In addition to the actual construction site or temporarily during events, it is often necessary to be able to drive over the subsoil as quickly as possible. With our driving plates, you can create storage areas, parking spaces or assembly areas. If the floor is to be used later, we recommend protective plastic panels. They offer the advantage of being laid quickly and can thus be adapted daily to the needs of the measure.

The plastic driving plates in LuxTek’s range, recommended for mobile construction roads, are all made of pressed plastic, which has both high stability and density.

It is ideal for most applications and offers the least restrictions. For example, our plates are resistant to temperatures up to +80 degrees, and the lower temperature limit is -80 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the material is resistant to most acids and accidental leakage of chemicals.


Versatile models for all applications

The range of LuxTek temporary roadway mats and driving plates consists of different models, which in turn have been combined for different purposes and needs. For all plastic mats you have the possibility to rent them or to purchase them at a reasonable price. Depending on availability in stock, we also offer used plastic driving plates for sale – just contact us. The LuxTek team is always available to answer your technical questions.

Our mobile construction roads as well as the plastic plates for access roads can be divided into different categories. At LuxTek you can choose from these model variants:


Road plate „Performance“ - our all-rounder

Our road plate “Performance” can convince especially by its low dead weight and thus easy laying. The surface is slightly roughened, the underside provides good grip on uneven and slippery floors. Thus, the driving plate is suitable as a construction road as well as a subsoil protection during construction measures. It does not contain any plasticizers and is completely harmless to health, thus it is also suitable for people to stay on. It is also suitable as a protective measure in plant construction.

Road plate Performance

Accessories and extensions

A sensitive surface requires the best possible protection – you can ensure this with our mobile construction roads, driving plates and ground protection plates. For optimal and as individual as possible use, you can also get all the necessary extensions and accessories from LuxTek. We carry for example:

  • robust storage boxes for the transport and storage of the plates
  • all necessary connectors to lay lanes or surfaces
  • steel earth hooks, screw connectors as well as double and quadruple cramp connectors

At LuxTek you can get temporary roadway mats, driving plates and all necessary accessories for transport, assembly and disassembly.

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