Temporary roadway mats for the expansion of renewable energies


Construction projects for the expansion of renewable energies often involve the transport of extremely heavy components. These transports require highly loadable substrates. Our plastic ground protection mats guarantee the highest load-bearing capacity, load distribution and ground adhesion and create a ground-protecting basis for construction measures within a solar park or wind power plant. With temporary roadway mats, you create a temporary protection of the subsoil and prevent vehicles and machines from getting stuck. Thus, their use on the construction site remains efficient. We produce heavy-duty plastic plates for mobile construction roads and access routes at a professional level, so that construction vehicles and components can reach open-air plants in the fastest way without any problems.



Why temporary roadway mats mobile construction lines for renewable energies?

Renewable energies represent the future of electricity generation. If electricity is generated from wind, biogas, water or solar energy, this makes an important contribution to climate and environmental protection. The expansion and maintenance of wind farms, photovoltaic (PV) systems, hydroelectric power plants and biogas plants are therefore elementary for a sustainable energy supply. Ground protection plates create safe framework and working conditions for these and similar construction projects. Especially in solar parks and wind farms, ground protection plates for mobile construction roads offer great potential: the plastic plates reduce corridor damage on subsoils worthy of protection, prevent heavy vehicles and machines from getting stuck, and significantly increase work safety. In addition, the cover plates create a stable and even construction site equipment surface and assembly surface as well as optimal access routes for heavy construction equipment.

Roadways for wind turbines

Ground protection mats guarantee safe transport routes and serve as temporary access roads for heavy-duty transport during construction projects for regenerative energy sources. The heavy-duty systems provide optimum stability when setting up crawler cranes or truck-mounted cranes, such as for the installation of wind turbines. Ground plates also provide optimum protection when transporting turbines, rotor blades and other components weighing several tons for windmills and other power plants.


Construction roads for solar plants

For ground-mounted photovoltaic systems (PV systems) or solar power plants with small conversions, the floor protection is suitable for light to medium loads. Due to the manual and easy installation (approx. 34-40 kg/panel), our plastic panels Professional and Multi-Save are particularly in demand here. Transport routes, access roads and assembly areas can be dismantled after use without leaving any residue and without the need for a forklift. Construct mobile construction roads and access routes at a professional level so that the construction machines and components required for the solar park can reach the solar plant site easily and quickly.



Safe transport routes for heavy components

Those who use mobile construction routes to carry out wind energy construction projects are on the safe side, because components weighing several tons have to be transported during the expansion or maintenance of onshore wind farms. In addition, oversized components have to be lifted and extreme heights have to be overcome, which can only be reached by huge construction machines such as crawler cranes and heavy-duty cranes with meter-long jibs. To mount such cranes, plastic mats are the optimal solution. Low loaders, mobile cranes and other construction machinery can be easily moved around the construction site for the installation of the wind turbine and the transport of the required crane parts.

Advantages of our plastic panels

When working with power generation equipment such as solar panels and wind turbines, the use of non-conductive floor coverings is of utmost importance. Mobile construction tramlines made of plastic meet these criteria and have many other advantages over their wooden or steel counterparts:

  • Partially loadable with over 200 tons
  • Resource-saving transport of 600m2 – 1,200 m2 of heavy-duty panels per truck
  • Extreme weight savings during transport compared to steel
  • Easy and simple installation due to the low weight and the connectors
  • Excellent weather resistance and long service life
  • Resistant to acids and chemicals
  • Protect floors from damage caused by work
  • Reduction and avoidance of repair and additional costs
  • No need for costly soil recultivation work
  • Quick and easy creation of a safe subgrade

Temporary roadway mats can be achieved without much effort. Wind power and solar plants are typically installed in meadows and fields, where unpaved road surfaces are often uneven and muddy – difficult conditions for trouble-free and safe use of machinery and heavy vehicles. With plastic road plates, you can quickly create a stable and safe surface on which your vehicle can drive without any problems. This means there is no risk of vehicles or machines getting stuck in the ground or sinking into the subsoil. A safe working environment is essential, especially when working on open-air plants.

Protective underlays on uneven surfaces

Plastic cover plates can be used to widen narrow paths and extend curves. In addition, heavy-duty plates allow heavy machinery to be driven comfortably on soft as well as firmer and uneven surfaces. Our range of heavy-duty plastic slabs makes it quick and easy to lay safe access roads when building power plants on any terrain. We have the right solution for every requirement.

Heavy-duty plate Maximum

With a load capacity of up to 200 tons, the heavy-duty plate meets the highest demands. Ideal for building access roads for renewable energy construction projects or as an assembly area and parking space for cranes. The panels are available in various sizes, thicknesses and surface textures and can be laid quickly and easily with a forklift or loading crane. Perfect for use on construction sites with heavy vehicles and machinery.

Heavy-duty plate Maximum
Temporary roadway mats heavy-duty plate

Heavy-duty plate Double Max

With a load capacity of up to 200 tons, the 6-meter long robust heavy-duty plates are particularly suitable for the construction of temporary paths and safe transport routes when working with wind and photovoltaic systems. Shatterproof, durable plastic plates reliably protect the subsoil from damage. Due to the size of the 6-meter long drive-over plates, the mobile construction road can be laid quickly and easily.

Heavy-duty plate Maximum
Temporary roadway mats heavy-duty double Max

Heavy-duty plate Giant

With a load capacity of over 200 tons and an above-average thickness of 100 mm, the Giant heavy-duty sheet is suitable for a wide range of applications. Especially swampy soils can be made passable for long periods of time with the help of these plastic excavator mats.

Heavy-duty plate Giant
Temporary roadway mats heavy-duty plate giant

Driving plate Professional

The driving plate Professional is particularly characterized by its flexibility, its weight and its traction capacity. Especially in the construction of PV and solar plants, the plastic plates are quickly laid due to their low dead weight and provide safe traffic routes with good traction. Even access changes due to the progress of construction can be implemented at short notice without much effort.

Road plate Professional

Road plate Multi-Save

The double-sided drive plate Multi-Save guarantees double profiling and thus optimum grip. In addition, the plate can bear a load of up to 80 tons and, due to its simple and manual installation, is ideally suited for work on ground-mounted photovoltaic systems and solar installations.

Road plate Multi-Save
Temporary roadway mats road plate multisave

Transport, Assembly & Accessories

With our temporary roadway mats, road plates and ground protection plates, we guarantee the best possible protection for sensitive surfaces. For the construction of non-slip construction roads, the linking of the plastic plates is helpful. These can be coupled together quickly and easily. LuxTek offers the necessary extensions and accessories for an optimal and individual use:

  • Sturdy storage boxes for transporting and storing driving and ground slabs (Not available for heavy-duty slabs).
  • All connectors needed for laying surfaces
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