Thin plastic plates- made to measure for a wide range of applications

Thin plastic plates, which we can supply in various designs and made to measure for a wide range of applications, are used in almost every industry. They are particularly valuable in surface protection and support technology. We at LuxTek are experienced manufacturers of plastic technology and can provide you with the right plastic flooring for safe driving and walking, as well as plastic plates for stable support of cranes, containers and construction machinery, in addition to all kinds of other plastic parts. We also have the right thin plastic plates for special requirements, for example in the food industry or chemical sector.

General properties of plastic plates

Thin plastic plates can be made from various polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate or PVC and therefore have very different properties. There are rigid plates made of Plexiglas (acrylic), for example, but also flexible plates made of PVC or vinyl. Thanks to various material thicknesses, often freely selectable plates cuts and a wide range of properties such as break resistance and weather resistance, plastic plates are suitable for almost all industries.

At LuxTek, we manufacture our plastic plates and finished parts from polyethylene with the properties PE-HD (High Density), PE-UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) and PE-HMW (High Molecular Weight). Our thin plastic plates can be individually cut to your requirements and produced with various additional functions, such as anti-slip surfaces, reflectors, spikes, handles or even milled company logos. Thanks to the wide range of possible plastic modifications, we can provide you with optimum thin plastic plates for different floor conditions, loads and safety requirements.

Wide range of applications

Our slabs are used in many areas of application. In surface protection, they protect substrates of various kinds and make them passable. For example, they ensure that work can be carried out safely on construction sites, while at the same time protecting sensitive floors from irreparable damage. The extremely stable floor protection slabs and road plates make it possible to create stable roadways that can withstand high loads from construction vehicles. They are also helpful at trade fairs and events to create safe paths and parking areas. Plastic support plates are also frequently used outdoors. They serve as a base for construction vehicles, work platforms, cranes or containers, whereby plastic plates are required in different sizes and heights depending on the load and surface. Thin plastic sheets are also used in industrial operations, in the chemical sector, in the food industry, in pipeline and route construction and in mechanical and plant engineering. As we can cut them to size, we can provide you with plastic parts that are a perfect fit for your individual requirements.

Thin plastic plates surface protection

The advantages of LuxTek plastic plates

We are your reliable and experienced expert in the production of all types of thin plastic plates. With our plates, you benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Made in Germany, directly from us as the manufacturer
  • First-class quality: extremely resilient, durable, low-wear and free from plasticizers
  • Plastic plates in various sizes and thicknesses, as a whole sheet or made to measure on request
  • Also available as 100% recycled material for the environment and sustainability
  • Also available as custom-made products with logos or lettering
  • Various polymers for every requirement, for example PE-HD or PE-UHMW
  • Numerous accessories such as transport racks, connectors and much more available

LuxTek - the expert in plastics technology

We are a Saarland-based family business with over 20 years of expertise in the manufacture, production and development of plastic products. Thanks to our production facilities, we are able to manufacture our surface protection and support technology products to individual dimensions and thicknesses, such as thin plastic sheets, as well as plastic parts in any shape and contour. Our millimeter-precise cutting ensures that the plastic parts fit your individual requirements perfectly. If sustainability plays a major role in your company philosophy, you can also obtain our plastic products made from 100% recycled material. Whether for surface protection, support technology or any other requirement:
Please contact us and we will help you find the optimum plastic sheets for your requirements.