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Ground protection made of plastic: support for vehicles and protection for the underground

Impassable terrain and unpaved ground are not uncommon on construction sites. With LuxTek road plates you create a stable surface on which construction vehicles can be moved safely. The plates can easily withstand the heavy weight of excavators and cranes despite their low dead weight.

With the road plates and ground protection mats you do not only create mobile roads. They protect the terrain from additional damage caused by tyres and support feet of vehicles and cranes.

What products does LuxTek’s ground protection include?

The following road plates and ground protection mats belong to our portfolio:

  • road plate Performance
  • road plate Grip
  • road plate Professional
  • road plate Save
  • road plate Multi-Save
  • ground protection mat Flex
  • ground protection mat Proflex
  • heavy duty plate Maximum

The Performance road plate is a true all-rounder that can be used on soft and unpaved ground as well as on paved surfaces. There it provides a secure hold for all types of construction vehicles. On solid ground it can be loaded with more than 120 tons.

In bad weather conditions and rain, the road plates with grip show their abilities. On unpaved and paved surfaces, they permanently provide optimum grip for construction vehicles. Thanks to their low weight, they can be laid by a single worker. The use of the road plates also protects your machines and reduces fuel consumption.

Both our plastic road plates and our ground protection mats are optimally suited for larger areas. But also mobile roads can be built with both products. Whether it is for use at a festival or for the quick creation of a parking space: The ground protection mats offer safe support for people and vehicles and protect the ground at the same time.

In order to guarantee the special properties and quality of our road plates, the material is checked at regular intervals by TÜV Rhineland Industry Service GmbH.

For which area of application is ground protection suitable?

The road plates and ground protection mats can be used on construction sites as well as at events such as festivals or sporting events. On the one hand, they create mobile driveways for construction vehicles, and, on the other hand, they protect the subsoil by creating a homogeneous surface for large streams of visitors.

This makes the LuxTek plastic ground protection system suitable for municipalities, garden and landscaping contractors, event organisers and companies in the construction, civil engineering and earthwork sectors.

What are the advantages of plastic ground protection?

Plastic plates have a number of advantages over steel and wooden road plates. For one thing, they are much lighter so that they can be transported and laid more easily. On the other hand, they are very durable because the material used protects them from weathering. Due to its high temperature resistance, neither heat nor frost can damage the material. Our plates are even resistant to acids and chemicals.

The plastic we use has a very high density. This makes our ground protection both flexible and rigid.

What accessories are available for road plates and ground protection mats?

Of course, the matching accessories for the plastic plates are also part of our range. For storage and transport, our galvanised steel boxes are suitable. These can be stacked for space-saving storage. The individual plates are removed from the side and can also be easily handled by a single person.

The LuxTek plastic ground protection is complemented by various connectors that can be used to connect the road plates and ground protection mats together and fix them to the ground if required.