Heavy duty plates

Our heavy-duty plastic plates meet the highest demands in terms of load capacity. They can be used universally, for example for mobile construction roads or as area protection during the construction of energy parks. Depending on the underground, the heavy-duty plate Maximum can withstand loads of up to 200 tonnes.

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Heavy duty plates from LuxTek: What should you know about them?

The heavy-duty plates made of plastic are superior to a heavy-duty floor made of metal in some respects. One of the biggest advantages is the lower weight of plastic plates compared to steel plates. In addition, there is no risk of damage from corrosion, moisture penetration, rodents or insects, as is the case with wooden excavator mattresses. Added to this are the advantages of durability and easy handling.

What applications are the heavy-duty plastic plates suitable for?

The heavy-duty plastic floor meets very high requirements. This makes universal use possible. For example, the plastic plates suitable for the support of heavy loads are ideally suited for the construction of temporary roads for construction machinery. They are very popular as terrain slabs for construction roads in the construction of wind farms. They are also used in the construction industry to secure the mounting surfaces of cranes. With the heavy-duty plastic plates, construction roads can be built with a slip-resistant floor. They avoid dangerous joints that occur when boards are laid loose. Further examples of the areas of application for our heavy-duty plastic boards are:

  • creation of resilient subfloors for trucks and stackers
  • protection during the installation of site power supplies and transformer stations
  • use as a resilient base for construction work in parks and sports facilities
  • fastening of heavily stressed shunting areas
  • temporary extension of the fortification of ports
  • avoidance of vehicles getting stuck
  • use as a stable substrate for the storage of building materials

What loads can a LuxTek heavy-duty floor withstand?

First, you should know that the plates are available in different sizes. So, you are very flexible when it comes to protecting surfaces over a large load distribution area. How much you can load the plastic heavy-duty plates depends on the type of underground. Our products can withstand a weight of up to 130 tons on dry and unpaved surfaces. They can therefore also be used as road plates for heavy dump trucks and excavators on construction sites. On paved grounds the maximum load capacity is up to 200 tons. This predestines them, for example, as protection for sensitive road surfaces in heavy-duty industrial transport. They are also a good solution for preventing damage in industrial halls when transporting heavy machinery and equipment

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What user comfort do heavy-duty plastic plates offer?

With LuxTek’s heavy-duty plastic plates, one forklift truck and one employee are sufficient to provide large areas with floor protection in the shortest possible time. The anti-slip properties also pay off there. The handling of our plates for heavy duty floors is easier compared to steel plates. The reason for this is that plastic plates weigh considerably less than metal plates. The connecting elements already integrated into the plates make handling convenient, because simple tools are completely enough for assembly.

How long can you expect our heavy-duty floor to last?

LuxTek plastic plates are very temperature resistant. Their UV resistance also contributes to a long service life. While the area protection of boards and wooden panels is quickly destroyed by moisture and frost, the plastic plates are not damaged. So, you do not have to expect weathering. Therefore, you can use the heavy-duty plastic plates for many years. Please also consider your technology when you think of the keyword « service life ». If heavy vehicles sink into unprotected ground, there is often damage during towing. Repairs are particularly expensive for special vehicles and large construction vehicles. The investment in a high-quality and resilient surface protection is therefore always the better decision.

Can LuxTek heavy-duty plates be customized?

This question is particularly important if you cooperate with other companies on construction sites or heavy load transports. In these cases, it is a question of each party clearly recognising its ownership. With LuxTek you can order the heavy-duty plastic plates with an individualisation. We can, for example, attach the name of your company or another distinguishing feature with a type label to the plates. This does not affect the stability and load-bearing capacity of the plates for the construction of heavy-duty floors.

What other advantages does the heavy-duty plastic floor have?

Unlike steel plates, heavy-duty plastic plates do not conduct electricity. This means that they are an ideal base when overhead lines or the overhead lines of road and railway lines need to be repaired. They reduce the risk of vehicle damage due to slipping on inclined surfaces. This is ensured by the good grip on the nubby surfaces. Please consider another aspect when assessing the profitability of the plastic plates. Compared to driving on completely unpaved ground, the heavy-duty road plates reduce fuel consumption for your trucks and construction vehicles. In addition, the chassis of your construction vehicles and trucks is spared using the slabs for driveways in open terrain. This also extends their useful life considerably.

Summary: the heavy-duty plates made of plastic are an all-round interesting thing. They are worthwhile as equipment for construction companies and haulage companies as well as for many other areas of application.

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