Road plates

LuxTek plastic road plates create a stable surface that can be safely driven over by construction vehicles and machines. Despite their low own weight, plastic driving plates are enormously resilient – ideal for heavily used surfaces or for mobile construction roads. Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us!

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Ground protection with road plates & ground protection mats stability, mobility and safety for humans and machines

Do you need a solid and secure underground or does your floor needs to be protected from heavy equipment? Then you are perfectly prepared with our ground protection range.

Our road plates and ground protection mats protect your underground, provide an accessible area and prevent vehicles to get stuck in the mud, the snow or in areas that are difficult to access.

Our road plates and ground protection mats in an overview

Regarding to the ground protection, we offer mainly road plates and ground protection mats made of plastic. Due to the constant and light-weighted material, it brings several advantages for transport and usage. Furthermore, you will find in our product range models made of steel, rubber or wood.

  • Road plates: These products offer an ideal load distribution and can carry up to 300 tons, depending on the model.
  • Ground protection mats: These products are ideal for the protection of undergrounds during the usage of light-weighted equipment.

Discover our product range and go with the highest quality. Have a look at our practical sets of road plates or ground protection mats, connectors and fully galvanized metal box for an easy and safe transport.

Road plates and ground protection mats from an expert: various fields of application and models from LuxTek

Our products from the ground protection sector can be useful in several situations:

  • Constructions: road plates are ideal for protection of undergrounds during the transport of heavy parts and material. It is also easy to prepare a working platform with our products. With the road plates, you can ensure safe makeshift routes, roads or a mobile construction road.
  • Green areas: Sport facilities, cemetery or garden – with our products, you can protect green areas perfectly from damages of transport or constructions.
  • Events: As event floor, temporary parking lot or area for people and machines – our products for area protection ensure that even big crowds and transports will not damage your event location.
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For whom are our road plates and ground protection mats suitable?

  • traders
  • gardeners and landscapers
  • manufacturer as well as user of cranes and construction machines
  • communities
  • private persons
  • event organizer
  • companies for structural engineering, civil engineering or earth works

You have questions about individual models from the ground protection sector or do you want information about other LuxTek products (e.g. high-quality support pads or outrigger pads made of plastic)? Then contact us in person. We gladly assist you and give you a detailed consulting in order to find the right road plates or ground protection mats for your needs.

You would like to rent road plates? We are happy to help you with that.