Semi-finished plastic products from LuxTek

LuxTek offers a variety of plastics from premium quality to an alternative reasonably priced. All plastics are versatile and of high technical functionality.

Semi-finished products made of standard plastics

Our portfolio mainly includes semi-finished plastic products, which are produced from the so-called standard plastics. These plastics include the polyolefin PE, which is characterized by a good price / performance ratio and also has, for example, a very high resistance to chemicals.


Polyolefins are semi-crystalline plastics that are easy to process and have good chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties.

The plastic is robust and flexible and therefore applicable for a variety of uses. It is one of the most widely produced plastics worldwide.

One of the most important polyolefins that is also used by us is the polyethylene (PE). We distinguish the following PE types:

  • PE-UHMW – ultra high molecular weight polyethylene: At an average molar mass of approx. 4 to 9 million g / mol, this is referred to as ultra high molecular weight PE (UHMW). High wear resistance and very good impact resistance are among the special properties of this polythene.
  • PE-HMW – high molecular weight polyethylene: At a molecular weight of 500 thousand g / mol, this is referred to as high molecular weight PE (HMW). Here is a balanced combination of stiffness, toughness and mechanical damping.
  • PE-HD – high-density polyethylene: At an average molar mass of up to 300 thousand g / mol, this is called high-density polyethylene (HD). The plastic has a high impact resistance and has a very low coefficient of friction. This is a material that is easy to work with and is also suitable for contact with food.


In the processing of different coloured plastics accumulates residual material, which is sorted separated, i.e. no sweeping chip is used here. This recovered granulate is further processed to plates made of regenerate. With these plates, colour deviations may occur as the granulates are no longer sorted by colour. The special properties are retained in the regenerate plates. They do not differ in functionality in any way from single-colour plates. Only the colour makes the difference.

Various applications for polyethylene

The material is used in various industries, such as the paper industry or the packaging, beverage and food industries. In addition, it is often used in general mechanical and plant engineering, in port and mining and in vehicle construction. Polyethylene can also be found in chemical and medical engineering, assembly and automation technology, agricultural technology, environmental and disposal technology, as well as general materials handling technology. Our colour plates have an additional UV stabilization, which makes them particularly suitable for outdoor use.


The Atex standard regulates the placing on the market of products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Its purpose is to protect people working in potentially explosive atmospheres or who may be affected by explosions. Only products that comply with the Atex standard may therefore be placed on the market. For this application we offer especially the product Lux 6000 LE.


In addition to our selection of semi-finished plastic products, we also offer comprehensive advice on the subject, because the correct selection of materials is very important. Only with the right plastic can you achieve the desired result.

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