Container plates

Outrigger pads with container milling groove are the ideal solution for the installation of containers: They are enormously robust and thanks to their low own weight and the practical handles, they can be easily placed underneath. This way, your containers will stand securely and straight, even on uneven ground. Do you have any questions about the container plates? Please contact us!

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Plastic container plates: The solid basis for container installation

For a container to be set up correctly, a solid, level surface is required, which is not always available. LuxTek plastic container plates are the ideal solution for container installation: they are extremely strong and can be laid out quickly and easily. They compensate for height differences so that the container can be set up safely and straight, even on uneven ground.

In addition, container plates ensure that the container is adequately ventilated. This prevents moisture from rising from the ground up to the roof and, in the worst case, leads to soaking.

What are the characteristics of LuxTek container plates?

Our products are made in Germany and comply with DIN and ISO standards. In order to guarantee the quality of the container plates, the material is subjected to regular tests by TÜV Rhineland Industry Service GmbH.

The container plates are available in different versions. You have the choice between several milled versions: a milled version for roll-off containers as well as versions for skip loaders or ball feet. You can also choose between different dimensions. The smaller plates have a lower dead weight in themselves. With the size of the plate, both the tare weight and the maximum load capacity increase.

Please note that the values given are approximate values. In addition to the assessment of the substrate, we recommend that you consult our experts before using outrigger pads or container plates.

What are the advantages of plastic container plates?

The container plates are made of high-density polyethylene like most of our products. The plates are manufactured using a special pressing process that achieves an enormous load capacity and stability.

However, the material used is not only convincing because of its stability, but also because of its resistance to weathering. It withstands temperatures between -80°C and +80°C. Frost damage, as caused by moisture penetrating wood, does not occur with our plastic container plates. Due to the durability of the plates the purchase pays off!

How can the container plates be individualised?

We also offer you the possibility of custom-made container plates. For example, you can order extra handles for easier handling. We can also mill your company name or a simple logo into the material without much effort.

What accessories are available for LuxTek container plates?

Our container plates are also available in a low cost set with a metal box. You have the choice between single plate boxes and double plate boxes. The boxes are ideal for safe transport on the vehicle and can also be used for space saving storage of the container plates.

The container plates are fixed by a bolt or lock so that they can be stowed safely. When in use, they convince by the quick and uncomplicated removal of the individual support plates.

Features of the single and double plate boxes:

  • fully galvanized (galvanized or hot-dip galvanized)
  • high-grade finishing
  • three-sided mounting
  • heat- and frost-resistant
  • made in Germany

Please contact us if you would like to purchase your plastic container plates in a set with the storage boxes. We will gladly make you a free and non-binding offer!