Crane support beams and supporting blocks

Modern construction sites secure your crane vehicles and construction machinery with crane beams made of high-performance plastic. They are pressed from high-quality PE material, are extremely weather-resistant and (compared to their wooden counterparts) do not absorb water. If you have any questions about LuxTek crane beams, please feel free to contact our sales team.

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Plastic crane support beams provide stability

LuxTek crane support beams are manufactured from high quality PE plastic. The quality of our products is guaranteed by material tests, which are carried out by TÜV Rhineland Industry Service GmbH at regular intervals.

Our plastic crane support beams are as durable as they are robust. The load is optimally distributed so that the ground is protected from damage. The optimum ratio of stiffness and breaking strength allows even high point loads.

Where are crane support beams used?

Crane support beams are indispensable for safe working with a crane. The stable standing of the crane and the appropriate support are essential for the safety of man and machine. The correct use of crane support beams prevents the crane from sinking in or falling over.

LuxTek plastic crane support beams can be used on a variety of surfaces, from construction sites and event floors to green areas and asphalt. It’s not just the stability of the crane itself that matters. The optimal distribution of the load protects the ground from damage. Our crane support beams can be used in many ways.

You can use crane support beams to support the following vehicles and machines, among others:

  • towing vehicles
  • trailers
  • working platforms
  • construction machinery
  • scaffolds
  • lifting platforms
  • loading cranes
  • heavy duty cranes

What advantages do plastic crane support beams offer?

Our products are manufactured using the pressing method. DIN and ISO standards guarantee high quality. Unlike wood, which is also used to support cranes, plastic is weatherproof. This is not only evident when using plastic crane support beams, but also during storage. The crane support beams do not weather. They are just as resistant to heat as to frost. Temperatures between -80°C and +80°C cannot harm them.

In addition, the material wood absorbs liquids such as chemicals, which has a negative effect on its stability. Crane support beams made of wood must therefore be replaced much more frequently. Crane support beams made of plastic, on the other hand, are particularly wear-resistant and durable. Compared to crane support beams made of wood, the plastic version scores with a service life that is 5 times longer.

The pressing process used creates a highly compacted granulate compound which is extremely resistant to bending. This leads to a better load distribution, which even withstands high point loads. The crane support beams are equipped with handles or cords so that they are easy to carry and place.

How heavy are plastic crane support beams?

Plastic crane support beams score among other things with their low weight. Unlike wooden beams, they do not get soaked with water in the rain. The higher weight of wet wooden beams can lead to problems, especially during return transport. Plastic crane support beams, on the other hand, always retain their original weight. Furthermore, we also have a version in our range that is even lighter.

LuxTek crane support beams weigh between 12 and 20 kilograms, depending on design and size. The comparatively low weight facilitates transport and makes loading easier to calculate. Therefore, the plastic crane support beams not only relieve your employees, but also reduce set-up times and the fuel consumption of your vehicles.