Heavy-duty wedges

Curbs and sharp edges can be driven over gently with heavy-duty wedges from LuxTek. Thereby the drive-over wedges made of robust PE-HD plastic are loadable up to 50t. We would be happy to advise you on special designs such as groove milling or lateral reflectors – please contact our consulting team.

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Heavy duty plastic wedges bridge height differences and sharp edges

LuxTek heavy duty plastic wedges are used wherever there is a need to bridge difficult areas with height differences. Obstacles such as sharp edges are defused so that steps and curbs can be driven over safely without damaging your tyres. With our drive-on wedges, height differences of up to 110 millimetres can be bridged.

The quality of our products is guaranteed, for example, by continuous material testing by TÜV Rhineland Industry Service GmbH. Our heavy duty wedges are produced in Germany in a special pressing process – according to DIN and ISO standards.

Where are heavy duty wedges used?

You can use our drive-on and heavy duty wedges both indoors and outdoors. Due to the high UV and temperature resistance of the plastic, neither frost nor sunlight can harm the material.

The durable and robust wedges compensate for height differences between roadway and kerbs, which you must bridge with cars or trucks. The wedges are also used as ramps for pallet trucks. Further areas of application in an overview:

  • overcoming small obstacles in heavy goods transport
  • securing heavy and bulky loads in trucks
  • accessibility on temporary routes
  • overcoming steps outdoors or in factory buildings

What are the advantages of heavy duty plastic wedges?

One advantage of heavy duty and drive-on wedges made of plastic is their low dead weight. Unlike wedges made of wood or aluminium, a plastic wedge with a width of one metre, a height of 3 centimetres and a depth of 25 centimetres weighs less than 4 kilograms. This makes the wedges particularly easy to handle. The use of the heavy duty wedges is extremely uncomplicated: They are simply placed in front of the step to be negotiated or in front of and behind the drive wheels of vehicles to be secured.

The load-bearing capacity of such a wedge – assuming a paved surface – is a maximum of 50 tonnes. This makes them ideal for use in combination with trucks and heavy machinery.

The plastic we use for our heavy duty plates is extremely weather resistant and durable, so that the wedges can be stored both indoors and outdoors without any problems.

In which sizes are heavy duty wedges available?

Our heavy duty wedges are available in various designs that differ in width, depth and height. If you cannot find the size you need, please call us or write to us using the contact form! In addition to the standard sizes we offer you the possibility to order custom-made heavy duty wedges.

You can order both wider wedges and narrower wedges from us. The minimum width of the heavy duty wedges is only 20 centimetres.

Can plastic heavy duty wedges be individualised?

The choice of size is only one variant of individual heavy duty wedges. You also have the option of adding additional handles to the standard milled handles of the wedges. To achieve more slip resistance, the heavy duty wedges can be manufactured with additional grooves or an extra roughened surface as well as a rubber coating on the underside.

It is also possible to integrate reflectors, which are attached to the wedges and provide better visibility in poor lighting conditions.

For special individuality and recognition, your company logo or name can be used. On request, we can mill this into the heavy duty plastic wedges. Call us so that we can discuss your personal wishes together!