Support pads

With our plastic support plates from the support technology range, we always offer the right support surface for your machines and vehicles. Would you like advice on which support or rolling plates are best suited for you? Do you need custom-made products for your special area of application? Then please contact our experts.

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What do support pads do?

Our support pads provide reliable stability for your machines and offer a large support surface with optimum load distribution. This means that the point load from adjustable feet of cranes and other vehicles is distributed over the entire surface of the pad and thus a significantly lower pressure is exerted on the ground. You can thus avoid damage and compaction of the terrain. At the same time, the support pads prevent vehicles and machines from tipping over and sinking into the ground.

What advantages do plastic support pads offer me?

Compared to products made of steel, hardwood or rubber, plastic support pads are more weather-resistant, more durable and simply easier to handle. The crane pads are not only much more resilient, but also much lighter. Thanks to the integrated carrying cords you can easily transport the crane support pads from one place of use to the next.

The advantages in an overview:

  • Robust: because they are extremely strong, break-proof and wear-resistant
  • Lightweight: therefore fast and flexible installation possible
  • Durable: weather and UV resistant
  • Optimum grip: on load-bearing substrates
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Is plastic really strong enough?

All support pads from our range are made of particularly durable PE-HD plastic. The support pads are manufactured in Germany using a pressing process. They meet the strict DIN and ISO standards and do not contain any plasticizers. Our plastic crane pads are resistant to UV radiation, heat and frost. They can easily withstand temperature fluctuations from -80 to +80 degrees Celsius. This means that pads made of plastic are in no way inferior to other materials.

Which plastic support systems are available?

In addition to the support pads, we also offer slip-in pads and outrigger pads for various applications.

Support pad Performance

  • loadable up to 60 tons
  • e.g. for construction vehicles or working platforms

 Slip-in pad Performance

  • loadable between 25 and 30 tons
  • e.g. for scaffolding or machine feet

Support blocks

  • loadable up to 25 tons
  • as base for forklift trucks or machines

Crane support beam

  • stackable
  • e.g. for construction machinery, loading cranes, trailers and lifting platforms

Container plates

  • loadable up to 25 tons
  • for installation and ventilation of containers

Outrigger pad Rolling

  • loadable up to 70 tons
  • e.g. for working platforms, towing vehicles, fire brigade / THW vehicles or heavy-duty cranes

 Support plates Modules

  • can be combined and expanded as required
  • e.g. for working platforms, towing vehicles, fire brigade / THW vehicles or heavy-duty cranes

 Support systems Dynamic Module

  • different inclination angles possible
  • for secure hold on inclines and declines

 Loading ramps

  • standard for heights up to 110 mm
  • for driving over difficult or sharp-edged areas

Where can I get suitable accessories for support pads and slide-in pads?

In our portfolio you will also find extensive accessories for your plastic support pads. In order that you can easily transport the support pads, we offer transport boxes in different sizes. The boxes consist either of hot-dip galvanized flat steel or galvanized round steel. Just as with the support pads, we guarantee a long service life due to their high resistance to weather and environmental influences.

With the transport holders you can attach the support pads directly to your vehicle and always have them quickly at hand. No matter whether the attachment is on the left or right side of your vehicle, we have the right transport holder for you.

For even more safety and additional support, the support foot locking device ensures that the support foot is locked. You simply attach it to the top of the slide-in pad and nothing can slip any more. You can use the support foot lock on both round and square slide-in pads. For the support pads LuxTek offers so-called support foot grooves to guarantee a better grip.

Box for one support pad galvanized

Are the plates also customizable?

We are happy to mill the support pads with your name or even initials. The milling not only provides theft protection, but also serves as a permanent advertisement for your company.

Furthermore, we offer further additional functions, such as anti-slip surface, spikes, reflectors, or even a roughened surface of the support pads.

Support pad Performance additional options