Plastic support systems: Optimum grip from LuxTek

Our support systems are ideal for use in inclined positions and with height differences. The simple handling guarantees safe support in any position. The plastic support systems consist of individual modules that can be flexibly combined and quickly adapted to the conditions.

Where are support systems used?

Support systems are used where construction machinery requires a stable substructure. However, the use of a support system is also useful for rescue work after an accident. Be it to secure the emergency vehicles of the fire brigade or THW or to support accident vehicles.

Our systems are specially designed for inclined positions and height differences. Depending on requirements, a suitable wedge is used to compensate for inclines and declines. In addition, there is the required number of modules on which the stabilisation outriggers of emergency vehicles can then be safely stopped.

What are the characteristics of LuxTek support systems?

We manufacture our products in a special pressing process. The result is a molecularly compressed granulate composite that is extremely robust and dimensionally stable. This enables an optimal load distribution. The individual components have a low own weight so that they are very easy to install.

Further features of the support systems in an overview:

  • precisely fitting module milling for optimum hold
  • secure support in any position
  • quality according to DIN and ISO standards
  • less stress on machines

The support systems consist of several modular plates and wedges. These components are available in different sizes and thicknesses. The wedge can be equipped with different angles of inclination. Call us or write to us so that we can adapt the support system to your specific needs.

What advantages do plastic support systems offer?

An essential feature of our products is the enormous load capacity. The LuxTek support systems are suitable for supporting construction machinery, loading cranes, heavy-duty cranes and emergency vehicles of the fire brigade and THW.

The material used is particularly temperature resistant. It tolerates temperatures between -80°C and +80°C without being damaged. Frost damage during use and storage outdoors is excluded, as is damage caused by UV radiation.

In application, the resistance to liquids pays off above all. No water can penetrate blocks and wedges and soften them. Cleaning and transport also benefit from the water-repellent properties of the material. Support systems made of plastic are also characterized by breakage resistance and low wear. While wooden components must be replaced regularly, plastic modules remain in use for a long time.

How can plastic support systems be individualized?

Like all our products, you can also have your support systems individualized. For example, we can equip the individual modules with additional handles to facilitate handling.

Would you like to decorate your material with your company name or logo? We can easily mill lettering and simple logos into the individual modules. Contact us so that we can design your plastic support system according to your wishes!