Fourfold connector

  • for the cohesion of the road plates
  • for sensitive undergrounds
  • convenient to construct roads and lay all over
Demande de produit

Important data

item number item weight application ground conditions
FPVB4KS Fourfold connector, plastig approx. 0,50 kg lay all over solid and unsurfaced ground

Connectors for road plates and ground protection mats

Fourfold connector, made of plastic

For the perfect cohesion and a nearly seamless laying of the road plates on sensitive undergrounds. Shift the connector under the holes in the corner of the plates in order to secure it with the enclosed allen screw. Convenient to construct roads and lay all over.

Flächenschutz Vierfachschraubverbinder
Flächenschutz Vierfachschraubverbinder
Fourfold connector