New products in the LuxTek range

Crane support beam – September 2018

The LuxTek crane support beam offers high stability with optimal load distribution and is characterized by its longevity. Among other things, it is suitable for supporting loading and heavy-duty cranes. Available in three different variants and in different sizes, it is suitable for all applications and undergrounds.

Abstütztechnik Kranbalken aus Kunststoff

Boxes for support pads made of flat steel – November 2017

The boxes made of flat steel are hot-dip galvanized and as single plate box for one support pad or as double plate box for two support pads suited. The installation right on the vehicle allows a simple handling and a safe transport. Due to the hot-dip galvanization, a long duration even at low temperature, wetness, snow and salt is guaranteed.

Abstütztechnik Singleplattenbox feuerverzinkt

Maximum heavy-duty road plate – November 2017

The LuxTek Maximum heavy-duty road plate is through its outstanding strengths and size ideal for constructions projects of wind turbines, transformer stations and transmission towers for heavy goods transport as well as for temporary roads. It has a double-sided structure which gives pedestrians e.g. workers a sufficient footing and makes it easier for heavy machines to drive over.

Flächenschutz Schwerlastplatte Maximum

Rolling outrigger pad – October 2017

The LuxTek Rolling outrigger pad provides a high safety and a great support area at optimal load distribution. It is suitable to support construction machines, working platforms, loading and heavy-duty cranes, trailer, container and more. Despite the weight, due to its round form it is easy to handle and install since it can be rolled to its application site.

Abstütztechnik Unterlegplatte Rolling

Professional road plate – January 2017

The LuxTek Professional road plate provides over a wide temperature range an optimal balance of stiffness as well as break resistance and connects the best characteristics of our top products. The resilience of the LuxTek Performance and the double-sided structure based on the LuxTek Save. The precise structured person side and the rough structured vehicle side make the plate universally usable.

Flächenschutz Fahrplatte Professional grobe Struktur